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The Type 99 is an Assault Rifle in Battlefield 1942 issued to the IJN Assault kit post patch 1.45v, replacing the StG-44.

Assault Rifles in Battlefield 1942 are Assault Rifle, Automatic Rifles or LMGs used by the Assault kit. With a high power round capable of 3-5 shot kill to the torso and two shot kill to the head; but have high recoil and in some cases Damage dropoff to contend to. They perform better at longer ranges and in the crouch and prone position compared to SMGs rate of fire and spread increase cant perform as well at that range. While longer ranges they may fall to Standard Issue Rifles or Sniper Rifles, they can still perform adequate enough to challenge them.

The Type 99 has a 480 RPM (second lowest of the Assault Rifles and overall average) and a 20-round magazine with six magazines totaling 120 rounds in reserve theoretically. The Type 99 possess the highest damage of its class at 9 damage which can kill most damaged opponents as long as they are below 28.8 HP in two shots. However, it has a damage dropoff starting at 50 meters to 100; making it a four shot kill at 81 to 97 meters and beyond 97 meters is a 5 shot kill. Its has the lowest magazine capacity and below the average reload time at four seconds.

When compared to the BAR 1918, both have identical reload, rate of fire, magazine capacity and recoil. However, the Type 99 is more accurate due to its lower base spread per shot, lower minimum deviation and spread while moving penalty is lower by .45. However the BAR 1918 does not have damage drop-off while the Type 99 does, making longer distance shooting outside 50 meters favor the BAR.



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