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The Type 99 Mine was a Japanese anti-tank mine used during World War II.

Battlefield VEdit

"A light, thrown, anti-tank mine that sticks only to vehicles and explodes on a timer between 5-10 seconds. Two of these light mines are carried at once."

— In-game Description

The Type 99 Mine is a gadget featured in Battlefield V. Introduced in the 2020 Summer Update, it is available for all kits.

The mine acts similarly to the Sticky Grenade. It can be thrown as normal, but has a shorter throwing range than a standard Frag Grenade. If it impacts a vehicle in flight, it will become stuck to it, but unlike the Sticky Grenade it will not attach to any other environmental map objects. A potential weakness of the mine is the variability in its fuse time, as the grenade explodes after five to ten seconds have elapsed - at its longest, this is longer than any other grenade timer in game. Before exploding, enemy players can pick up the mine like any other Anti-Tank Mine to defuse it.

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