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U100 MK5

The U100 MK5 in real life

The Ultimax U-100 MK5 is a Singapore-made 5.56mm light machine gun, developed by the Chartered Industries of Singapore (CIS, now ST Kinetics). The MK 5 variant is an updated version of the MK 4, which was developed for the USMC's Infantry Automatic Rifle competition; the Ultimax lost to the HK's M416-based M27.

Battlefield 4


The U-100 MK5 is a light machine gun introduced in Battlefield 4. It can be found as a collectible in South China Sea equipped with a Holographic Sight and magnifier.


The U-100 MK5 appears in the Battlefield 4 multiplayer as the first LMG for the Support Class you get unless you complete the camaign then you have a choice between the U-100 MK5 or the M249. It is first able to use in the Multiplayer with a 2x multiplier and a bipod

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