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"In 2032, the PAC developed the UAZ-8 Ocelot FAV based on a stolen Bandit prototype, creating an equally dexterous, high-speed, off-road-capable transport medium. Substituting a boron carbide-filled resin aggregate armor system for the Bandit's ceramic-based matrix, the UAZ-8 Ocelot trades a negligible decrease in protection in exchange for an increase of five miles-an-hour maximum speed. Similar to its FAV contemporary, the UAZ-8 Ocelot also provides short-duration speed boosts through a hypochlorite-based, fuel-oxidization injector."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The UAZ-8 Ocelot (Russian: УАЗ-8 Оцелот) is a fast attack vehicle (FAV) used by the Pan-Asian Coalition during the 21st and 22nd Centuries and is featured in Battlefield 2142.

The driver only has access to Boost capability and the vehicle horn. The gunner has a light machine gun turret to repel infantry. A third passenger has access to all of their personal equipment.

Though protected by light armor, all passengers are exposed to some degree. Positioned in a rear interior seat, the gunner is the best protected, but less so than the gunner on the MK-15 Bandit. The passenger is highly exposed.

The vehicle does not carry Active Defense System or any missile warning system.



  • The official description year of 2032 contradicts with the formation of the Pan-Asian Coalition taking place sometime after 2106. It could simply be a typo for 2132.
  • UAZ could stand for Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (Ulyanovsky Automobile Plant), a real-world Russian car manufacturer formed during World War II.
  • The ocelot is a medium-sized feline native to South America.