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"Quite simply, the UD-6 Talon gunship was built to kill. Nimble and deadly, this ultramodern, two-person, VTOL aircraft combines a multipurpose arsenal with a uniquely flexible flight profile, allowing the Talon to strike both air and ground targets with unparalleled force and accuracy. The Talon’s munitions include a gunner-controlled pneumatically charged, high velocity autoblaster and vectored thrust, high-impulse thermobaric missile launcher and a pilot- controlled rocket fire system. The dual-layered composite buffer system, with a depleted uranium mesh insert, is durable enough to withstand heavy fire without hindering the gunship’s maneuverability through excessive weight or rigidity."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The UD-6 Talon is a VTOL aircraft and gunship that saw service and combat in the 22nd century, most notably during The Cold War between 2139 and 2147.

The Talon appears on many of the Conquest maps as well as all Titan maps. It spawns on the left side of the Mk-1 Titan hangar.

The Talon performs similarly to its counterpart, the Type 4 Doragon. The pilot uses anti-vehicle rockets that can seek air vehicles near its flight path, and can use Active Defense System to protect against most enemy ordnance.

The gunner uses a rotary cannon to engage infantry. TV missiles are stored underneath the vehicle, and two small doors open when the gunner selects the missile.

The Talon can be used to clear the skies of enemy aircraft and attack ground infantry and vehicles. However, its armor cannot sustain much damage and an anti-aircraft emplacement can easily take a Talon down.



  • 270 degree pneumatically charged Gatling gun - mounted underneath aircraft at very front.
  • Thermobaric High Impulse AGM/Launcher
  • Infrared Rocket Fire System


  • Dual Layered Composite
  • Depleted Uranium Mesh (fitted between composite layers)



  • Two- One pilot and one co-pilot/gunner


  • Twin aircraft rotating booster/rocket pods


  • The Talon and Doragon used to be disabled by anti-aircraft EMP rockets for the same period of time as air transports, occasionally causing them to crash. A patch decreased this time to about one second for gunships.