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"German built, the UMP-45 is a fully automatic Personal Defense Weapon noted for its versatility and optimal mobility. Essentially an improved version of the MP5, the UMP-45 is functionally similar but substantially cheaper to manufacture and includes several modern upgrades such as the top and forward accessory rail. The UMP-45 is well-rounded and capable as a Personal Defense Weapon."

— Battlelog description

The UMP45 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 3.


The PLR forces use the UMP-45 without accessories. Several PLR insurgents are seen using it on the first section of the first mission Semper Fidelis, but due to gameplay reasons, they cannot be picked-up on the said section. They can only be picked up starting in the third mission, Uprising, wherein it reappears as a weapon of the PLR. It also appears in Operation Guillotine in the hands of nameless USMC soldiers. Misfit 1-3 is randomly generated with them in Fear No Evil. Lastly, as in the flashback mission, the UMP-45 can be picked up in the last mission, The Great Destroyer.


During the Co-op campaign it is found in Hit and Run without accessories. It can also be found on National Police and some PLR in Drop 'Em Like Liquid.


The UMP-45 is unlocked at Rank 16 and is classified as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). It has a 25+1 capacity and a moderate rate of fire, recoil and very high stopping power compared to the other PDW's, capable of taking an enemy down within 3-8 shots, even in medium range. The UMP-45, P90, and PP-19 are the only PDW's that do not unlock the Extended Magazine attachment, but instead gains the Flash Suppressor.

Battlefield Premium members have access to the Navy Blue Digital camouflage for the UMP-45 or the Berkut camo if they have completed the UMP-45 Specialist assignment.



  • The UMP-45 Proficiency Dog tag shows the weapon with an attached suppressor.
  • The Mastery Dog tag for the UMP-45 shows the weapon with a foregrip attached, yet the UMP-45 cannot unlock the Foregrip as an attachment.