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Two variants of the UMP appear in Battlefield 4. The two weapons function fairly similarly, and are both Engineer-exclusive personal defense weapons. Due to caliber sizes, the primary differences between the two are that the UMP-45 both hits and kicks harder, while the UMP-9 possesses a slightly larger magazine and better handling characteristics. The UMP-45 also makes an appearance in both the single and multiplayer aspects of Battlefield 4, whereas the UMP-9 only appears in multiplayer.


The UMP-45 appears in Battlefield 4 as a Personal Defense Weapon.


The UMP-45 is used by Tombstone in the mission Shanghai. Afterwards, it can be equipped at any Weapon Crate. It's equipped with a Reflex, Heavy Barrel and Angled Grip. It has no camouflage equipped.


The UMP-45 is the second PDW unlocked for the Engineer Kit. It remains a powerful weapon at close range, and also has good damage across range while maintaining controllable recoil, with a moderate vertical muzzle climb.

Before the Fall patch, its low velocity of 320 m/s is worsened to 180 m/s with a Suppressor, reducing its effectiveness at range, as the player will have to lead the target to compensate it.

After the Fall patch, its suppressed velocity has been increased from 180 m/s to 270 m/s, reducing velocity compensation required to hit the opponent. Its side-to-side recoil is also tied to UMP-9.



The UMP-9 is a PDW featured in Battlefield 4. It is unlocked upon the completion of the Engineer Expert gold tier assignment. It is slightly different than the UMP-45, with a curved magazine and a higher fire rate. It shares the same reload animation as UMP-45.

When compared to the UMP-45, the UMP-9 features a fire rate increase of 100 rpm, 5 more rounds in a magazine, a higher bullet velocity, and less recoil, but at the cost of reduced damage per shot, due to the UMP-9 being chambered with 9x19mm Parabellum, which lacks the stopping power of the .45 ACP.



  • Both versions of the UMP use the same model and textures, only differing in magazine model.
  • In earlier versions of Battlefield 4, the UMP-45 would recieve a visibly longer barrel when equipped with the Heavy Barrel attachment. This feature was removed in a later patch.
  • Trademarks on the side of the weapon display "PAK CORP" and the serial number "58785610-055". "711" is stenciled above the fire selector.
  • Heckler and Koch's real life trademarks are partially present on the right side of the model, including the "Made in Germany" text and "Sterling VA," one of HK's American import locations. The name "Heckler and Koch", as well as the "HK" symbol, are greyed out in the texture in such a way that they are not visible unless the model is titled in the customization screen.
  • A bug with the textures of the UMP in Battlefield 4 makes an area next to the bolt appear transparent.
  • A "bolt open" sound file specifically for the UMP can be found in the game files, however it is simply a left over sound asset from Battlefield 3.