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The USS Titan is a fictional Nimitz-class aircraft carrier of the 7th Carrier group of the United States Navy seen during the events of the War of 2020 in Battlefield 4. While stationed in the South China Sea, the ship came under attack by the People's Liberation Army Navy, and was critically damaged. 

In the mission South China Sea, the USS Valkyrie, attempted to rendezvous with the Titan in order to use its medical facilities to accommodate the four hundred Chinese refugees that were aboard the ship. Upon locating the Titan, it was found to be heavily damaged and taking on water, resting perilously on the edge of a reef, ready to slide off at any moment and be lost to the depths. Tombstone Squad, led by CIA Agent Kovic, was sent to board the ship to find the voyage recorder and rescue any survivors before the ship slid off the reef.

During their search, they discovered that the ship had been hit by a PLA anti-ship missile and then boarded. Tombstone found only two survivors, who were trapped under a locked grate where PLA soldiers had left them to die. Much to Irish's protest they were forced to leave them to drown. Tombstone Squad successfully recovered the voyage recorder.

They surprised PLA soldiers on the ship and fought their way off the doomed ship as it broke into two. On the deck of the ship, the player can shoot explosive barrels causing jets to slide into the sea killing any soldiers caught in their path. They commandeered a DV-15 Interceptor to take them back to the USS Valkyrie just before the Titan finally sank.



  • The ship's name may be a reference to the airborne carriers featured in Battlefield 2142.
  • During the South China Sea mission, the Titan breaks in half before sinking, which could be a reference to the real-life ship, the RMS Titanic, that sunk this way in 1912.
    • Additionally, Titan was the name of the doomed ship in the 1898 Morgan Robertson novella Futility, which became widely known for its similarities to the sinking of the Titanic 14 years later.