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The USS Valkyrie (LHD-2) is a fictional Wasp-class[1] amphibious assault ship of the 7th Carrier group of the United States Navy during the War of 2020 in Battlefield 4.

The Valkyrie serves as a home base for Tombstone Squad during the War of 2020. It first appears in the mission Shanghai. Towards the end of the mission, the Valkyrie is hit by an EMP Strike.

On South China Sea, Tombstone must return to the Valkyrie to escape the sinking USS Titan and defeat the PLA boarding party attacking the Valkyrie.

On Singapore, the Valkyrie launches a hovercraft loaded with M1 Abrams tanks, along with amphibious vehicles transporting Marines. Later, it also launches a missile strike on the airport there.

The Valkyrie is boarded again on Suez and comes under heavy fire from Admiral Chang's flagship. The player can choose whether Hannah or Irish will blow up Chang's ship, or whether the Valkyrie will be destroyed.


  • The Valkyrie's overall appearance and layout is based on the real Wasp-class ship, the USS Essex. It also shares the same hull number as the Essex, LHD-2.
FA-18 USS Valkyrie

F/A-18 fighter circled in red.

  • The Valkyrie is shown to carry F/A-18 fighter aircraft, which seems to have no purpose beyond decoration, since Wasp-class vessels don't have the capability to launch (no catapult) or land (no arrestor wires) aircraft of this type, and is limited to carry MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotors, helicopters and Harrier and F-35 V/STOL fighters, as they can take off and/or land vertically.