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The UZI is an Israeli compact sub-machine gun that featured one of the first telescoping bolt designs. It fires the 9x19mm NATO round, with a high rate of fire.

Battlefield: Bad Company

Only available in multiplayer, the UZI in Battlefield: Bad Company is one of the "Find All Five!" weapons, requiring a player to download the multiplayer demo for Battlefield: Bad Company and reach Rank 4[1] or by using the universal code from DICE: cov3r1ngthecorn3r. It is issued to the Specialist kit. It has a 60 round magazine and 180 rounds in reserve. It is fairly accurate when fired in bursts, but due to its high fire rate, burst firing is required for anything outside of close range. However, during urban operations, it is extremely useful as it can dispatch enemies with swiftness while still maintaining a player's low cover profile because of the attached suppressor.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Only available in multiplayer, the UZI is the 5th submachine gun unlocked for the Engineer requiring 26000 points. It's capable of attaching a Red Dot Sight or a 4X Rifle Scope as a primary specialization. It sacrifices damage and accuracy for an astounding rate of fire (second only to the PP2000 and the MG3).

It can be decent in close-quarters, especially with the Magnum Ammunition Specialization, but its efficiency deteriorates at longer ranges, as its high rate of fire imposes overwhelming recoil, and its relatively low damage make kills in open areas difficult. Its minimum damage was increased to that of the PP2000's base damage to balance out the fact that it fired 100rpm slower and had nearly twice the recoil of the PP2000.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, the UZI is a submachine gun issued to the Engineer kit. It retains a similar look to the weapon from the base game, however it is more rusted and no longer has its default silencer. It has a 32 round magazine and near identical iron sights to those from the base game. Despite having higher damage than the M10, the UZI has the same rate of fire, but is balanced out by higher recoil, 8 rounds less in the magazine and lower accuracy.



[[Video:UZI|thumb|left|300px|Gameplay with the UZI in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at Laguna Presa in Squad Deathmatch mode]]

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