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The Unknown Russo-American Conflict is a war depicted in Battlefield Play4Free. The conflict depicts two factions, the Russian Ground Forces and the United States Marine Corps, engaging in combined arms and conventional warfare across the Middle East and East Asia.


The cause of the war is unknown, but hostilities first began in the Middle East. US and Russian light and heavy armored units fought over an important industrial center in Kuwait. Another battle occurred in the Gulf of Oman, as US forces attempted to attain air superiority to take control of valuable oil reserves located in the area. In Qatar, US and Russian forces fought in urban areas in order to take control of the area. 

Later, fighting erupted in Basra, Iraq, where the Russians attempted to acquire data from a downed A-10 Thunderbolt II that crashed in the city. The conflict then escalated in China, where US forces attempted to gain a foothold in the Minshan mountain range by taking control of Dragon Valley from the Russians. US rapid deployment forces then attacked the Dalian nuclear facility and cause disruptions in the northern Chinese power grid.

The conflict then returned to the Middle East with an engagement occurring in Mashtuur, where American forces attempted to cut off a Russian resupply route.

The conflict then moved back to the Far East once more as Myanmar became a battleground, with Russian forces attempting to destroy vital US airbases in the region to move their Pacific fleet through the Indian Ocean and into the Persian Gulf, to engage the thinning US naval fleet. 

It is unknown who was victorious in the conflict.

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