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For specializations in Battlefield 4, see Field Upgrades (Battlefield 4)
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The Customization system in Battlefield 2142 allows players to upgrade their loadout with additional weapons, gadgets, and other improvements. It expands on the system used in Battlefield 2, providing two paths per class, and additional upgrades for all-kit use and the squad leader role.


By completing challenges associated with badges and pins, players gain experience points that contribute to credits. A credit allows the player to unlock the next upgrade from any of the ten upgrade paths.

Each infantry kit has two paths, each with two gadgets, a gadget or NetBat Helmet upgrade, and a primary weapon. Another path provides player upgrades used by all kits. The last path provides three gadgets available only when the player is a squad leader with a qualifying number of squadmates.

The Northern Strike expansion adds ten more upgrades—one at the top of each path—and ten more unlock credits awarded by extra badges and pins.

Field Upgrades[]

Field Upgrades in Battlefield 2142 allow players to improve their loadout by awarding temporary credits for upgrades not yet unlocked. They are awarded to all members of a squad upon the completion of squad-focused actions such as following attack or defend orders issued by the Commander, killing enemies, resupplying, healing, or reviving squadmates. Only the next item in each upgrade tree when the player joined the server is available, and are cleared when they disconnect from the server. If a player unlocks the item which they are currently using as a Field Upgrade, the next unlock will not become available to use as a Field Upgrade until they leave the current server.

Field Upgrades also allow players without Northern Strike to have temporary access to the upgrades that are normally only available in the expansion. Field Upgrades can only be used on ranked servers.


Recon (left)[]

These upgrades improve the Recon kit's long-range capability:

Name Image Description Effects
APM The APM (Anti Personnel Mine) is a directional fragmentation mine generating a fan-shaped explosion pattern. The mine is highly lethal to infantry who approach its front at speed, though it can be defused or circumvented by careful soldiers. Motion-sensitive anti-personnel mine.
DysTek Hi-Scope X4 DysTek Hi-Scope x4 The DysTek Hi-Scope X4 is an enhanced accuracy optical system utilizing an upgraded electronics and sensor package to provide the user with a greatly enhanced zoom level and the ability to set its zoom level. Equips a high powered scope on rifles such as the Morretti SR4. As the name suggests, it allows the user to manually zoom up to a magnification of x4 more than the default scope by scrolling in with the mouse wheel.
Gruber-5 Stabilizer Gruber-5 Stabilizer Scope Stabilizer: Utilizing a movement compensation sensor to grant temporary rifle stability, the Gruber 5 Scope Stabilizer System facilitates target acquisition. The Gruber's power supply allows for a near limitless repeat uses of the system, though the power levels demanded by the system require a significant recharge period between uses. Allows the player to hold their breath and stabilize the rifle's scope sway. This is accomplished by holding down the Sprint button.
Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle Unl Sniper A significant upgrade from the Morretti SR4 and Park 52 Sniper Rifles, the Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle features state-of-the-art targeting precision, resulting from a series of enhancements including computerized stabilization and advanced muzzle-brakes for recoil dampening. The Zeller-H's higher caliber ammunition gives this anti-material sniper rifle a highly enhanced stopping power, especially against lightly armored targets. Heavy sniper rifle with anti-materiel capability—it can be used to remotely detonate deployable explosives, a feature unique to this weapon.
DS-22 Sniper Decoy (NS) Unl Decoy The Ghost (DS-22 Sniper Decoy), built in the summer of 2141 by PAC scientists, provided a deployable decoy for the recon soldier who equipped it. In the right hands this simple device became one of the most lethal weapons of the war, with the potential to lure any enemy, even entire squads, into a false state of security. On the battlefield the 'Ghost', as it became known, delivered more than just death, but fear and uncertainty to all enemy spotting troops. Deployable counter-intelligence gadget that provides a false minimap marker to the enemy team.

Recon (right)[]

These upgrades provide the Recon with special forces capability for maneuvering behind enemy lines and sabotaging commander resources:

Name Image Description Effects
RDX Demopak RDX 2 RDX DemoPak: Similar to its predecessor, C4, RDX DemoPak is a remotely detonated, plastic-bonded, chemical explosive. The RDX is infused with the highly stable high explosive chemical compound, PNC (polyethyl nitrate cyclobutane), increasing its optimum effective explosive output. Explosive charges that can damage vehicles, strategic assets, and other deployable gadgets. Sole gadget capable of damaging commander assets.
NetBat Fade Delay Part of the 3.0 update to the Network Battlefield System, the new Fade Delay nano-mod interfaces with existing modules to enhance their performance. The target acquisition algorithm provides longer on-mark feedback allowing soldiers employing the system to track their targets for longer. As with other NetBat™ nano-mods, the information is both uplinkable and downlinkable to all soldiers who are plugged into the squad's battle network. Increases the duration that enemy infantry remains spotted for the user.
IT-33 Active Camouflage IT-33 Optical Camouflage Mimicking ambient light and background texture patterns through a microprocessor-controlled, fiber-optic, DLD (dynamic liquid display) fabric, the IT-33 Active Camouflage System enables a soldier to reduce his visibility by up to 90%. Renders the player nearly invisible to other players. While not completely invisible or silent, the likelihood of detection by enemy forces is greatly reduced.
Lambert Carbine Unl Carbine Originally designed for early century Special Operations Forces, the modernized Lambert Carbine remains the weapon of choice for urban warfare, given its manoeuverability[sic]-enhancing compact design and rapid rate of fire. What the Lambert Carbine lacks in stopping power, it makes up for tenfold in usability. Made from SB-7, the latest polyimide matrix material, the rugged yet lightweight Lambert Carbine produces minimal recoil ensuring accurate burst suppression. The double magazine feeding system and compressed, low caliber ammunition enables unmatched fire volume. Fully-automatic carbine for close- to mid-range engagements.
TL-S1C Camo Upgrade (NS) The TL-S1C or 'advanced active camo upgrade', shares the appearance of the IT-33 but enables soldiers to stay hidden for far greater periods of time. Increases the duration of Active Camouflage.

Assault (left)[]

These upgrades provide underbarrel attachments and improved fighting ability:

Name Image Description Effects
Herzog AR-Shotgun Mounted in an under barrel configuration, the 20-gauge Herzog Shotgun adds substantial short range stopping power to any assault rifle's standard repertoire. The Herzog utilizes the same Universal Ammo as the PK-74 AR-Rocket, allowing for intercompatibility between the two weapons. Underbarrel shotgun with three-round magazine.
NetBat Infantry ID Network Battlefield System has introduced the latest enhancement to the NetBat™ technology. The new net-centric warfare system allows soldiers equipped with the Infantry ID nano-mod to query an onboard database to identify infantry targets. The nano-mod will assess, analyze and report on the target soldier's kit and assign an ID based on a 98% certainty. The nano-mod update is flexible enough to send and receive battle data over its synth-flex battle network allowing everyone in the squad to receive the information. Reveals enemy class and health to user.
PK-74 AR-Rocket The PK-74 AR-Rocket is fabricated from a fiberglass-zinc amalgam and filled with a highly explosive synthetic fuel compound. When attached to the soldier's standard Assault Rifle it results in a compact and lightweight rifle rocket, ideal for a portable launcher. The Universal Ammunition, shared with the Herzog Shotgun, features variable fusing allowing for both impact and airburst detonations. Underbarrel rocket launcher, using same universal ammunition as the Herzog. Both upgrades can be equipped at the same time.
Baur H-AR The Baur H-AR (Heavy Assault Rifle) is a bulked-up edition of the SCAR 11, firing high-caliber, tungsten-core ammunition for maximum damage potential. Manufactured with HM-3 composite metals, the weighty, but powerful Baur H-AR is found most often in front line conflict. Battle rifle with increased damage.
Advanced Magazine (NS) 2142 advmag The Special Ammo Magazine Expansion utilizes the compression compound LNDT-F04 to expand the magazine capacity of any Assault's rifle rocket and shotgun add-ons and the number of magazines carried from three to four Allows for an additional round per magazine for the Herzog AR-Shotgun and PK-74 AR-Rocket. It also allows for an additional spare magazine.

Assault (right)[]

These upgrades improve the player's healing and defensive abilities:

Name Image Description Effects
AED-6 Defibrillator Unl Defib The portable AED-6 (Automated External Defibrillator) resuscitates casualties using an embedded, rhythm-tracking microprocessor to determine ventricular fibrillation or tachycardia and emit, via wet-gel secretion paddles, appropriately leveled, biphasic charges. Rechargeable defibrillator for reviving wounded allies (or neutralizing enemy infantry).
Advanced Medic Hub BF2142 Advanced Medic Hub An upgraded version of the standard issue Medical Hub, the Advanced Med Hub includes an additional supply of antibiotics, health revivers and muscle stimulants including soloxil, dyphatine and quivinol, expediting a medic's health provision capabilities. Using the Advanced Medic Hub, an infantryman can heal his team mates inside and near the vehicle he's sitting in. Available for the Medic class, it increases the healing rate, and also allows an Assault soldier inside a vehicle to heal infantry outside the vehicle.
SG-34 Smoke Grenade Unl Smoke Impact detonated, the SG-34 Smoke Grenade can be used as a screening, diversionary, signaling, or offensive device, dispersing a cloud of dense potassium chlorate-based smoke. Smoke grenade for temporary concealment.
Voss L-AR Unl Voss Ergonomically designed with a fibre-reinforced polymer shell, the Voss L-AR (Light Assault Rifle) is a close cousin of the Krylov FA-37, sacrificing incapacitation capabilities for increased portability and firing longevity. Used primarily in supportive, high movement scenarios, the Voss L-AR uses lower caliber ammunition allowing for a higher volume of cartridges in the clip, enabling prolonged suppressive assault. Assault rifle with a high fire rate.
CM3-N Radar Grenade (NS) Unl Radar Grenade The CM3-N Radar Grenade is an updated version of the SG-34 Smoke Grenade. Soldiers on the battlefield wanted to locate possible threats before covering the area in smoke. By using parts from the IDS-1 'Infantry Sonar' it was possible to add a short range radar sweep to the grenade. Smoke grenade fitted with infantry detection.

Engineer (left)[]

These upgrades improve the engineer's ability to detect and respond to vehicle threats.

Name Image Description Effects
AE-Defuser The CPU-driven AE Defuser analyzes munitions characteristics using chemical and electronic sensors. An Engineer can use the Defuser's embedded electrical neutralization apparatus to defuse a variety of explosive devices from a safer distance than previous explosives disposal devices. Neutralizes enemy deployable explosives, including RDX.
NetBat Vehicle ID The NetBat™ Vehicle ID is the first in a new line of upgrades to the successful Networked Battlefield System. Combining the latest nanotech modifications with the synth-flex battle network allows a soldier to identify an enemy vehicle and transmit the data to all squad members of the network. Reveals enemy vehicle health.
PDS-1 Unl Sonar The microprocessor-based PDS-1 detects vehicles within the vicinity using a Sonar tracking system that distinguishes sub-elevation and atmospheric reverberations. Both type and position of the vehicles in range of the device are determined and displayed through the NetBat™ for all squad members. Deployable vehicle detector.
Pilum H-AVR Unl AV Unlike its siblings, the Mitchell AV-18 and Sudnik VP, the Pilum H-AVR (Heavy Anti Vehicle Rifle) lacks any guidance package, instead relying on the high speed of its projectile to eliminate targets. With an embedded, microprocessor-driven, anti-recoil system and steel alloy-composite structure, the Pilum H-AVR launches armor-piercing fin stabilized projectiles that have proven far more effective against armored targets than traditional warheads, especially against the weaker rear armor of tanks. Heavy anti-vehicle rifle.
MMB-5 Motion Mine Bait (NS) Unl Bait The MMB-5 or 'Motion Mine Bait' was created to give Engineers a more lethal method of disposing of mines. Instead of simply defusing a set of Magnetic Mines, an Engineer using the Motion Mine Bait can throw the bait, directing the mines to a new position. After a period of time the bait detonates destroying itself along with the mines following it. Mine countermeasure that can detonate other explosives. Attracts motion mines from a distance.

Engineer (right)[]

These upgrades provide anti-vehicle mines, improved repair ability, and anti-air capability:

Name Image Description Effects
II-14 EMP The larger, more powerful, stationary cousin of the EMP grenade, the II-14 EMP Mine utilizes the same electromagnetic pulse methodology to fully immobilize nearby machinery in almost all situations. Anti-vehicle EMP mine.
DysTek Repair v2.0 BF2142 DysTek Repair v2.0 The DysTek Repair v2.0 addition replaces the HOFF-3000's manual control with an automated repair function around your vehicle. Available for the Repair Tool, it increases the tool's repair rate and allows an Engineer occupying a vehicle to repair nearby vehicles.
II-29 Motion Mine The II-29 Motion Mine uses an advanced TDD (Target Detection Device) to actively track and seek enemy vehicles by detecting their electronic and infrared signatures. The II-29's explosive yield is lower than traditional mines, as a significant portion of the mine's housing is dedicated to the TDD. Anti-vehicle mine with autonomous homing capability.
SAAW 86 Anti-Air Anti-Air: A powerful anti-aircraft weapon, the SAAW 86 is built with a low-density steel composite and incorporates an implanted, CPU-controlled balance system to maximize portability. Launching aerodynamic, high velocity rounds, the SAAW 86 is especially effective against moving airborne targets. Anti-air conversion kit for the user's primary weapon.
SMG Clip Expansion (NS) 2142 smgclip The SMG clip expansion was a simple, but lethal addition to Engineers in the field. By removing the springs at the base of their SMG clips and replacing them with a fused magnetic plate, an Engineer could expand the magazine capacity. Increases the ammunition capacity for the Turcotte Rapid SMG and Malkov RK-11 SMG

Support (left)[]

These upgrades provide additional offensive options:

Name Image Description Effects
V5 EMP Grenade Unlike a standard grenade, which generates physically damaging fragmentation, the V5 EMP Grenade releases an electromagnetic wave that creates a short-circuit effect, temporarily slowing or disabling nearby vehicles and electronic devices. Hand grenade with EMP effect.
NetBat Active Camo ID NetBat™ Active Camo ID was introduced as a countermeasure to the IT-33 active camouflage system. It is designed to detect, track and report on the energy signature of the active camo system. If a soldier activates or deactivates an IT-33 system within the detection radius of the NetBat™ Active Camo ID, the system will instantly report the activity to the user and other squad members of the Networked Battlefield. Countermeasure against active camo users.
A12 Enforcer Sentry Gun Deployed in key defensive positions, the automated A12 Enforcer Sentry Gun system utilizes a combination of infrared and optical tracking to identify, trace and engage enemy combatants in medium range. Able to distinguish between soft and hard targets, the A12 Enforcer can alternate firing procedures in order to avoid hitting friendly targets in the line of fire. Deployable, autonomous sentry gun.
Ganz HMG Even more dependable than the Bianchi LMG and more relentless than the Shuko LMG, the Ganz HMG (Heavy Machinegun) is the crowning achievement in heavy machinegun design. Engineered from superlight polymer matter, upgraded with an ultramodern onboard stabilization and heat reduction system, and fitted with an electronic double-magazine feeder, the Ganz HMG is unmatched in power, quality, and consistency of fire. Heavy-caliber machine gun.
IDS-1 (NS) The IDS-1 'Infantry Sonar' greatly enhances the situational awareness of not only the individual soldier that deploys it, but friendly soldiers across the battlefield. Capable of being re-equipped and placed at strategic positions across the map, a close support soldier using the IDS-1 properly can create an extremely effective advanced warning system anywhere on the battlefield. Deployable automatic infantry detection gadget.

Support (right)[]

These upgrades improve the Support kit's defensive capability:

Name Image Description Effects
IPS Shield Able to withstand short durations of direct, small and medium caliber fire, the IPS (Infantry Protection Shield) is a personnel-scaled, ion-charged shield employed by infantry for temporary individual protection. The system is not designed to withstand vehicle-mounted munitions. Deployable translucent cover.
Advanced Ammo Hub BF2142 Advanced Ammo Hub Using the Advanced Ammo Hub, an infantryman can greatly increase the rate that ammunition can be delivered to his peers. The AAH will also resupply soldiers inside and near the vehicle he's sitting in. Increases the rate at which ammunition and supplies are resupplied from the Ammo Hub. It also allows a Support soldier inside a vehicle to resupply infantry outside the vehicle, as well as other vehicles.
DysTek Pulse Meter "The DysTek Pulse Meter is a short to medium range detection device that allows soldiers to scan for enemies behind cover using sonic differentiation and acoustic analysis to identify and track human heart rhythms in the immediate vicinity" Manually operable infantry detection.
Clark 15B "Built with kylonite, an advanced thermoplastic shell material, and a polymer drum magazine, the gas-operated Clark 15B Combat Shotgun fires the latest fin-stabilized flechette Frag-15 rounds, which produce a circular damage pattern, most effective against close-range, light armored infantry." Shotgun with detachable magazine.
Clark 12-RDX (NS) Nick-named ESP or 'Explosive Sticky Projectiles,' these rounds are fired from a heavily modified Clark 15, which was modified to support the usage of RDX Anti-Personnel Timed Munitions. Fired like a rifle round, ESP enables this new weapon to deliver a timed explosive to targets effectively in both close and long range combat. Gadget-slot shotgun that fires timed explosive rounds.

Player Abilities[]

Name Image Description Effects
FRG-1 Grenade Hand-thrown, the FRG-1 is a modernized Fragmentation Grenade which yields a small but highly lethal explosive radius. By substituting the traditional TNT filler with the RDX chemical compound, PNC (polyethyl nitrate cyclobutane) the grenade offers a lighter grenade with enhanced effectiveness. Provides the player with two FRG-1 Hand Grenades in their grenade slot. The player does not otherwise carry any grenades.
Sprintcor 20 Enhanced Endurance Sprintcor 20 Enhanced Endurance The Sprintcor 20 Enhanced Endurance is an injection, immediately activated energy boost, increasing a person's sprint capacity. Automatically administered prior to combat, the effects of Sprintcor will last throughout a battle's duration. Permanently increases the player's sprint capacity. When not wearing heavy armor, the player can sprint the maximum distance allowed. However, the player's sprint gauge recovers at the same rate, meaning extra time must be spent to recover from a long sprint.
Staminar 9 Recovery System Staminar 9 Recovery System The Staminar 9 Recovery System is also a [sic] injection, immediately accelerating muscle recovery so one can regain sprint speed in less time. Automatically administered prior to combat the injection is long lasting with no side effects. Permanently increases the player's sprint recharge rate. A player with both unlocks can sprint further, and recover their sprint meter in the same time as an unaided player.
MaxClip 2142 maxclip The Sidearm Ammo Upgrade equips the older with a larger capacity pistol clip, adding 2 rounds to the EU's sidearm, the P33 Pereira, and 3 rounds to the PAC's primary sidearm, the Takao T20. The Engineer will receive an additional clip for his SMG. Increases the ammunition capacity of Handguns. The capacity of the P33 Pereira is increased from 8 to 10 while the capacity of the Takao T20 is increased from 12 to 15. Due to the fact that the Engineer is not equipped with a pistol, SMGs gain one extra magazine in reserve.
Extra Grenade BF2142 Extra Grenade This upgrade allows you to carry one additional Frag, EMP, and Smoke grenade Allows player to carry an additional FRG-1 Hand Grenade, V5 EMP Grenade, and/or SG-34 Smoke Grenade.
SAB-1b Shock Absorber Boot (NS) SAB-1b Shock Absorber Boot The SAB-1b Shock Absorber Boot integrates nano mechanics with bi polymeric technology to give the user increased stamina recovery and resilience to damage taken from a fall. Absorbs up to 60 points of fall damage to allow for a better chance to survive a fall. Fall damage can still far exceed 160 points from great heights.

Squad Leader[]

Name Image Description Effects
Squad Leader Spawn Beacon The SLSB (Squad Leader Spawn Beacon) allows players to quickly deploy at the beacon's current location via drop-pod. The training for proper use of the device is only available for Squad Leaders with 1 Squad Member. Provides the squad with an additional spawn point.
RD-4 Otus The airborne RD-4 Otus is a short-range Reconnaissance Drone used to identify the location and movement of enemy forces behind cover using sonic differentiation and acoustic analysis to identify and track human heart rhythms. Enemy targets are transmitted to the squad's NetBat™ System. The training for proper use of the device is only available for Squad Leaders with 2 Squad Members. Companion drone with infantry detection, providing 3D spotting every five seconds within a modest radius.
SD-8 Accipiter The SD-8 Accipiter is a flying Sentry Drone with assault capabilities, armed with an optical tracker and multi-barrel rotating cannons. Targets are acquired by the squad's NetBat™ System, allowing all members of the squad to utilize the drone. The training for proper use of the device is only available for Squad Leaders with 3 Squad Members. Companion drone with sentry gun. Requires targeting data from squadmates.
Reinforcement Prioritization Unit (NS) The SL-RPU Squad Leader Reinforcement Prioritizing Utility decreases the amount of time it takes for killed squad members to get back in the fight. Increases the respawn timer for other squads not using their own RPU.