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Unwelcome Guest is the sixth mission in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 iOS.


Marlowe is successful in infiltrating the power station through the sewer. He is then tasked with finding the station's generator and shutting it down. After dispatching dozens of enemies along the way, Marlowe finds the control room. After clearing it out, he opens a previously locked gate and proceeds to make his way back to it. Eventually, Marlowe reaches the generator room. Redford then radios Marlowe to hurry up as their location is getting hot with activity. Marlowe then plants C4 on the generator and destroys them. The generators destruction however, prompts the building to collapse, giving Marlowe less than a minute to escape. Marlowe quickly fights his way out of the building and reaches Flynn's helicopter just in time as the station is destroyed. They then head toward the Militia's base, with Sweetwater and Haggard making fun of Marlowe's sewer smell along the way.

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