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An Upgrade Path (short for Field Upgrade Path) is a series of four Specializations per path in Battlefield 4 that are progressively awarded to players as Field Upgrades. Specializations in each path are unlocked and stack through squad-based actions in a match.[1] There are a total of eleven upgrade paths, with three paths available for all classes and two paths unique to each class.[2]

Paths can be freely chosen anytime during matches with progress for each path saved whenever a new path is chosen, a kit has been changed, or a new squad has been joined. Some progress, however, is lost for the path currently in use whenever the player and their squad have been wiped. Progress does not carry over to consecutive matches.

Three specializations in each path are initially locked. As the squad completes objectives, the remaining specializations are unlocked. If everyone in the squad is eliminated simultaneously, however, then the squad loses one specialization each time that happens. This system replaces the collaborative system in Battlefield 3 and the potential waste if squadmates selected the same specialization.


All KitsEdit

Name Image Description Specializations Information Unlocked
Offensive BF4 Offensive Icon These give you quicker sprint speed, more available ammo magazines, one extra hand grenade, and allows you to fall from greater heights without taking any damage, respectively. This universal upgrade path is great for players who enjoy being at the front lines and leading the charge
  • 28000 (Assault)
  • 33000 (Engineer)
  • 27000 (Support)
  • 22000 (Recon)
Defensive BF4 Defensive Icon These grant you increased protection from shots to the chest, a decreased rate of being suppressed, decreased damage from explosions, and a shorter time span before the out-of-combat health regeneration kicks in. If you are more defensive-minded, perhaps playing as Support from the sidelines, this can be an excellent choice. Default
Shadow BF4 Shadow Icon Inspired by the fabled shadow warriors of the Orient, the “SHADOW” career grants you the mystical powers you need to infiltrate enemy territory without being seen. Okay, not really, but it grants you some perks that accumulated will give you an edge when going behind enemy lines. This path won in a contest by DICE that was meant to add the most popular of four paths created into Battlefield 4 Default

Assault KitEdit

Name Image Specializations Information Unlocked
Combat Medic BF4 Combat Medic Icon 63000
Grenadier BF4 Grenadier Icon 141000

Engineer KitEdit

Name Image Specializations Information Unlocked
Mechanic BF4 Mechanic Icon 64000
Anti-Tank BF4 Anti-Tank Icon Based off the Anti-Tank Kit 108000

Support KitEdit

Name Image Specializations Information Unlocked
Indirect Fire BF4 Indirect Fire Icon 50000
Perimeter Defense BF4 Perimeter Defense Icon 104000

Recon KitEdit

Name Image Specializations Information Unlocked
Spec Ops BF4 Spec Ops Icon Based on the Special Forces kit 42000
Sniper BF4 Sniper Icon Based on the Sniper Kit 78000