Vehicle Packages are Vehicle Loadouts featured in Battlefield 1. Each loadout is optimized for specific situations, allowing players to utilize different vehicle specializations for each loadout.

Aside from Light Armored Vehicles and the Horse, all vehicles feature vehicle packages, with each class of vehicle having three packages available to it. Each vehicle features a default vehicle package with other available packages obtained in the vehicle customization menu for 250 Warbonds.

Mortar PackageEdit

"Equipped with a rear mounted heavy mortar and smoke generator, this version is effective against both infantry and vehicles at longer ranges."

— In-game description

The Mortar Package is a Vehicle Package featured in Battlefield 1. It is the default package available for the Mark V Landship. The driver has access to the forward mounted Lewis machine gun and a mortar with heavy shells. The driver can also activate Track Repair and Smokescreen when needed.

The sponson gunners are provided with HE or case shells for their 57mm Cannon. Two additional gunners armed with Hotchkiss M1909 guns have viewports to each side, behind the cannons.

This loadout is an ideal support solution against infantry entrenched in heavily defended positions with the tank shelling the area while allowing friendly infantry to advance on the enemy.

Tanker Hunter Tank PackageEdit

"This version is geared towards medium range anti-vehicle engagements. it can deploy a defensive gas cloud and be repaired quickly."

— In-game description

The Tank Hunter Tank Package is a Vehicle Package featured in Battlefield 1 for the Mark V Landship. A heavier response to the threats posed by the A7V and FT-17. Similar to the Tank Hunter Elite Kit, the driver has access to a single shot Tankgewehr M1918 with unlimited rounds and a much shorter cooldown than the 57mm Cannon.

The 57mm Cannons in this variant load AP rounds instead of HE for increased damage against vehicles. The driver can deploy gas to help protect the tank against infantry attack. It features the Gas Emitter and Emergency Repair countermeasures.

The Tankgewehr will always kill infantry in one shot, meaning that a skilled tanker can take down infantry with little difficulty even at range. Enemy armor lacks the long range accuracy and flat trajectory that the Tankgewehr has, leaving them vulnerable to attack from a distance. The Tankgewehr also makes easy work of planes, disabling them in one or two hits. The May Update provides the driver with a second Tankgewehr in a rear-firing port.

Squad Support PackageEdit

"With the capacity to carry an entire squad, this version can be a powerful offensive Landship, and at the same time support friendly infantry in its proximity."

— In-game description

The Squad Support Package is a Vehicle Package available in Battlefield 1 for the Mark V Landship. It provides the driver with two weapons: a high-explosive 20mm autocannon, damaging against both infantry and vehicles, mounted at the front, and a lighter Lewis Gun mounted in the rear. The driver can switch between these with the 'switch weapon' button. Using the rear gun forces the tank to remain stationary.

This loadout allows the driver to use the Drop Supplies specializaiton which drops an Ammunition Box and Medkit for use by nearby infantry. It can house two additional gunners, who man two more Hotchkiss machines behind the main sponson turrets. This is ideal for urban combat where infantry are known to require flexible support. This loadout is recoginsable as it fits a triangular mesh grenade deflector to the roof of the tank - as AT grenades explode on impact with vehicles, this is only an aesthetic change.

Assault PackageEdit

"Suited for medium range combat against infantry with a strong defensive loadout including a defensive smokescreen and the ability to restore mobility fast."

— In-game description

The Assault Package is featured in Battlefield 1 as the default Vehicle Package for the A7V. It features six seats, one for the driver and five gunners. It provides the driver access to a 57mm Cannon with HE and case ammunition. The driver also has access to the Emergency Repair and Smokescreen specializations. As a result, this package is ideal for many different types of engagements.

The second-seat rear gunner operates Twin HMGs. This package also allows up to four other gunners, each armed with an HMG, to occupy the vehicle.

Breakthrough PackageEdit

"This version comes with heavy firepower suited for long range fighting against other vehicles and emplacements. Can supply and heal friendly infantry in its proximity."

— In-game description

The Breakthrough Package is a Vehicle Package featured in Battlefield 1 for the A7V. It provides a total of four seats, one for the driver and three for the gunner. It provides the driver access to the 57mm Case Cannon and Twin HMGs while gunners have access to HE Autocannons.

The driver also has access to the Emergency Repair and Drop Supplies specializations.

Flamethrower PackageEdit

"Rare versions of this tank actually had flamethrowers, making it effective in close combat. This version can also deploy a defensive gas cloud and restore mobility quickly."

— In-game description

The Flamethrower Package is a Vehicle Package available in Battlefield 1 for the A7V. It features five available seats: one for the driver and four seats for gunners.

The driver has access to the 57mm Cannon firing HE ammunition, and a flamethrower. The front gunner seats are armed with MG 08 heavy machine guns while the rear also have access to flamethrowers.

The Emergency Repair and Gas Emitter specializations are available for use by the driver.

The close ranged nature of the flame weapons makes this ideal for urban maps, such as Amiens, where infantry have limited space to move. The package's weaknesses are lack of rear coverage, and the flamethrowers sometimes obscuring enemy movement.

Close Support PackageEdit

"Offensive and suited for close to medium range combat, this version has the ability to support friendly infantry as well as the ability to restore mobility fast."

— In-game description

The Close Support Package is the default vehicle package available for the FT-17 in Battlefield 1. It most closely resembles the standard loadout for French FT-17s deployed during World War I.

It provides the driver with a 37mm Cannon equipped with high explosive ammunition. The HE shells are considered mid-range to the weapons available in other packages—the 20mm autocannon and the 75mm howitzer—in all comparisons. It inflicts less damage than the cannons on other tanks, but remains competitive.

A coaxial light machine gun supplements the cannon for anti-infantry use.

The Close Support tank can struggle against numerous and distant foes. Emergency Track Repair allows the driver to escape from one instance of immobility. No other defensive measures are available.

This tank package is well suited to advances alongside infantry, using HE shells to ease mobility and expose covered targets, suppressing with the LMG, and the ability to Drop Supplies.

Flanker PackageEdit

"Suited for close range combat. Heavy firepower and the ability to quickly restore mobility. Can deploy anti-tank mines."

— In-game description

The Flanker Package is an unlockable vehicle package available for the FT-17 in Battlefield 1.

Its HE Auto Cannon is good for harassing heavy armor, attacking light armor, and snuffing concealed infantry. Alternate case ammunition is available for dealing with large numbers of infantry.

Its ideal role is to clear opposition pinned down in the open, and quickly dispose of enemy pathfinders attempting to bypass the front line. It can also effect suppression itself to support roaming infantry.

Care should be taken around heavy armor, as the auto cannon is the weakest of all the primary weapons on vehicles. A line of Anti-Tank Mines can be laid in advance of approaching vehicles, or as a means of quickly demolishing walls.

Emergency Track Repair allows the Flanker to avoid being itself the object of ambushes.

Howitzer PackageEdit

"Suited for long range fighting against static enemies, emplacements and with the ability to deploy a defensive smoke screen."

— In-game description

The Howitzer Package is a Vehicle Package featured in Battlefield 1 for the FT-17 tank. Its primary weapon is a heavy machine gun, with which it can strike fast-moving targets and infantry.

The 75mm HE Howitzer is among the most powerful shells available for vehicles. It inflicts great damage to enemy vehicles, but its slow velocity makes for high, lofting shots at distant targets. It can be used for indirect fire, but is less capable at this role than mortars since shots must be gauged from prior attempts, and higher gun elevations only provide modest increase in range. At long range, the Howitzer can best most vehicles except the Armored Artillery Truck, which fires faster-moving shells. With the potential to immobilize vehicles with each shot, the first shot should be carefully placed.

Unlike the other packages for the FT-17, the turret has limited traversal. However, it also features flat faces, allowing some shots to ricochet for greatly reduced damage.

This package provides Emergency Repair, allowing it to recover more armor than other tank packages. Its Smokescreen allows it to create its own cover, a useful ability when at exposed edges of the map.

The Howitzer package is disadvantaged in close-range encounters due to the slow reload of its cannon, and limited utility of its HMG.

Armored Artillery PackageEdit

"Armed with a 13pdr cannon and anti-tank mines, this version can engage with both direct and indirect fire."

— In-game description

The Armored Artillery Package is the default Vehicle Package available for the Artillery Truck in Battlefield 1.

While driving, the driver has access to a light machine gun to fire on infantry in the open and small vehicles. It can only fire on targets in the driver's own first-person field of view. Bullets leave the barrel at 870m/s, performing well against distant targets.

The secondary weapon is a 13 Pounder Cannon that is highly effective against heavy armor and buildings. It has 360° coverage, and decent gun elevation and depression. It compares favorably against the FK 96 field gun and the 75mm HE Howitzer on the Howitzer Light Tank.

The shells have considerable drop at long range, though distant targets can be struck with practice. The cannon is not completely accurate, further limiting its use at long range. The cannon's higher elevation off the ground limits its use against close infantry targets.

The package also provides Emergency Repair to restore mobility, and Anti-Tank Mines to deny vehicle access or deter pursuers.

Armored Anti-Aircraft PackageEdit

"Armed with an anti-air "Pom-Pom" gun and defensive smokescreen capabilities, this version is a threat to everything that flies."

— In-game description

The Armored Anti-Aircraft Package is an unlockable vehicle package for the Artillery Truck in Battlefield 1.

This package provides the driver with a QF 1 Pounder gun, the same as the ones found as a stationary.

Given to its mobility, an adept driver can lock down local air space and poses as a serious threat against airplanes, more-than-less on maps lacking adequte AA stationaries, either less frequent or destroyed in an attack.

Field Repairs and Smokescreens provide the driver with passive defense when attacked by forces or a dedicated air assault but the weapon can serve to pick off enemy infantry or destroy armored and unarmored transports.

However, the package offers no defense against tanks or planes dedicated to anti-vehicle duty as they can easily destroy an unaware AA truck.

Armored Mortar PackageEdit

"Equipped with a versatile mortar firing many types of shells allows this version to deal with infantry from extended range."

— In-game description

The Armored Mortar Package is an unlockable vehicle package for the Artillery Truck in Battlefield 1.

Its primary weapon is a heavy machine gun, usable while the vehicle is in motion. It can deal damage to light armored targets, a task for which other artillery truck packages must rely on their secondary weapon.

It also offers three ammunition types for its mortar system, which has considerable range and full 360° coverage.

The Artillery Truck's mortar shells fly faster and deal more damage than the Support mortars. However, the Support mortar can be fielded in greater numbers and has an HE shell variant.

The complete lack of defensive options makes this package unsuited to use at the front lines.


Mark V LandshipEdit

  • At release, the Mortar Landship was equipped similarly to the Armored Mortar Truck, with the same three shell types and no gadgets/countermeasures. The May Update changed the loadout to that currently available.
  • A post-release update added the two LMG gunner positions to the Mortar package.
  • Following the May Update, the Mortar Landship is the sole remaining landship with no rear defense.


  • The driver's alternate weapon in the Flamethrower package was originally case ammunition, but was switched to a third flamethrower after a patch.


  • The May Update increased rack ammunition of the Close Support Package from 4 to 5 shells and the canister shells replaced by a machine-gun


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