If you do not know me yet, I'm from Devil May Cry Wiki. And here are some bits I can tell you;

What Brought me to this wiki?

  • The latest game - Battlefield 3, although I only play it on the Single Player Campaign due to slow Internet connection (Broadband).

Things you could expect me to do on this wiki

  • Since I have a copy of BF3, then I can help this wiki on BF3 pages, for example;
    • I have been majorly expanding BF3 Characters up to now, they are too small, and are lacking additional information. Furthermore, the sections Biography and Personality must be added.
    • Weapons featured in the Single Player campaign can be included with sub-headings Single Player and Multiplayer on the Battlefield 3 section.
    • Campaigns lacking info are added with Synopsis headings with descriptive sub-headings. I also extended the walkthroughs.
      • Images regarding missions have also been uploaded.
        • Trivia which provides interesting facts can be inserted with image proofs.
    • I have been editing templates (see Edited Templates list below)


Newcomer's Award
Newcomer's Award
For successful page overhauls, good picture uploading and generally good work on your start on the Wiki, you've been successfully nominated and, in the name of the BFWiki, present you the Newcomer's Award! Congratulations. - Pedro9basket (talk) [ Trusted User Editor Award ]

Wiki Additions

Battlefield Wiki things noticeably added;

New pages

  1. Quick Time Event

Edited Templates (and others)

  1. Features/BF3 - Added Quick Time Event
  2. Weapons/BF3 - Added Gas Mask
  3. Characters/BF3 - Added Ingham
  4. Template:Infobox/level - Changed "Weapons" to "Default Weapons" to make a difference

It can be quite difficult to remember all the edits I made, BTW, I can be trusted to fix/expand/revamp/clean pages!

The BF3 images which I have been uploading to the wiki are screenshots from my game, though I do not prefer using the maximum graphics quality to ensure gaming performance

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