• I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is School
  • I am Male

About meEdit

  • My XBL Gamertag is TJbrena, and my Steam profile name is also TJbrena. My alias on Ponychan is also TJbrena.
  • I play BF3 on the 360, and on Steam I mostly play TF2 and Gmod.
  • I share my Steam profile with my younger brother.
  • On my 360, I'm mostly juggling playing BF3, MGS:HD Collection, Crysis 2, and Mass Effect 3.
  • I'm 17, and I'm only allowed to game on weekends and during school breaks.
  • I consider myself an average nerd, specializing in military hardware and video games.
  • I am a /b/tard.
  • I am a brony.
  • I enjoy a good Youtube Poop
  • I am both methodical and laid back.
  • I am a pro-gun liberal.
  • I like to over-analyze things.
  • I hate pizza. And most ethnic food for that matter.
  • I am straight. That said, I'm totally cool with LGBT people.

Things that bug meEdit

Hey, I'm an easy-going person. But everyone has stuff that bugs them. I just don't let them really get to me. I'm mostly writing this 'cause I'm bored.

  • People who use bad spelling or grammar.
  • People who are single-issue voters.
  • People who assume that just because I'm a brony I'm into all that "love and tolerance" bullshit.
  • People who assume bronies are homosexuals.
  • When I'm trying to do/say something funny and I crack up, ruining the delivery as a result.
  • Douchebags who take a vehicle that has multiple seats and just drive away in it alone, when there's teammates right there who would gladly take one of the positions in it.
  • Spawncampers. Whether they're blowing up all my team's vehicles, or essentially trapping my team in the spawn, casually killing us until the end of the round.
  • When it is assumed that just because I have a list of things that irk me, I'm easiy irritated.
  • Freeform whistling. As in when people just whistle a tune that they're just making up as they go along. Although I guess whistling a tune I'm just not familiar with is practically the same thing.
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