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  • I live in Not Timbuktu
  • My occupation is IT and Gaming
  • I am I would have preferred not to say on behalf of triggering those with a penchant for hating those of the male gender.
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Greetings. I am Ghost Alpha, I often play Battlefield, no wait I lied. I mean well... every other day I am playing Battlefield. Shows how much of an addicting and fun game it is.

Battlefield games I own: Edit

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - Yes I know, sounds very old and some will ask "Why do you still own that?" but back in the day I loved that game.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Still worthwhile playing if I want some old nostalgia feels/echo some parts of my early competitive Battlefield days.

Battlefield 3 - Probably my favourite Battlefield game to date. Loved being able to just run into a room full of campers or snipers and gun them down with a quick flurry of shotgun shells, C4 or any other funny method.

Battlefield 4 - I'll never grow bored of this game despite wanting to get Hardline so badly but even then, this game does sort of need to up its game a bit and bring in the good parts of BF3 to BF4 and essentially make it the most kick ass Battlefield game to date. DICE, you did good, even before the Spring Patch, but please, make MOAR adjustments to it. :)

What I do on Battlefield 3/Battlefield 4: Edit

Playing competitively or as some would say, "seriously" is half of what I try and do for playing Battlefield if I really want to be replicating a Hollywood action movie like A Good Day To Die Hard or American Sniper or Act of Valour, but rest of the time, I'm annoying the hell out of people with shotguns, defibrillators, repair tools, EOD bots, jihad jeeps/jihad quad bikes (or jihad jetskis in respect for the aquatic equivalent of trolling) etcetera. I know Battlefield is meant to be a realistic game, but even then, I like to take advantage of the realism to it, such as realistically smashing a wall down on a prone camper because they thought COD logic would save them on the battlefield. Overall I'm taking advantage of what Battlefield has to offer in terms of destruction and game features and equipment and finding creative ways of killing enemies.

Now when I do play the game "seriously" or competitively as I'd like to put it, I just go for a realistic setup as possible such as an M416 with an angled foregrip, suppressor, Holographic sight/EOTech sight and a laser/light combo a.k.a. AN-PEQ 2 laser sight/light module. Even on Conquest, I do try and be real sneaky, despite the fact I usually have half of the enemy team magically spawning on their squad leaders right near me and I unluckily have a tank chasing me around the map for 5 minutes straight, but it is a unique and lovable thing about Battlefield: There is literally no "correct" way how to play the game.

Things I do which are "major" pet peeves to other players: Edit

Some things I do such as healing, reviving, resupplying and rescuing outnumbered players and bringing them back to safety are things everyone praises my occasional style of play for, but largely, I do find easy ways of how to really get on people's nerves.

Examples include:

  • Heavy use of shotguns; Before people complain to me that I'm a noob or some "player who abuses the game mechanics and sucks overall", this is a major misconstrued statement about shotgun users. I like to use shotguns because of the raw power in CQB. Most people in CQB go for a high fire rate weapon such as the MTAR-21 or FAMAS, and no other rifle, carbine, PDW (apart from the CZ-80 Scorpion) will outgun those sort of very high rate of fire weapons. Meanwhile, le shotgun user comes along and easily knocks down the guys using high rate of fire weapons. Not nooby at all. In a matter of fact considering the overall size of even the smallest Battlefield maps are still fairly large bar the Close Quarters DLC maps from BF3, shotgun users would ideally be outgunned a lot in long range situations, and even then, if shotguns are apparently an easy weapon to use, why is it I only about 2-3 players including myself at the most in a 24 player lobby per say using shotguns whilst the rest of the lobby uses regular rifles? So much for the shotgun users being nooby.
  • Jihad jeeps/jihad quad bikes/jihad jetskis/jihad-everything that can be piloted or driven about with extensive amounts of C4 all over it; Common enemy vehicle removal method, simply plant C4 on the used small transport vehicle, drive or fly into the target vehicle, bail out and run like hell before detonating your C4. Simple enough da tovarisch? Only if you could consider when you have a vast amount of players in a lobby most of the time and your target vehicle is usually on the move all the time. If it is a vehicle that is just staying still, well, you're lucky to have come across someone who can't use the movement keys/buttons on their keyboard/controller. Most of the time you'll have enemy eyes in the sky or enemy snipers who see something designated for transport heading for a tank/armoured vehicle or large amount of target infantry. "Not so much "legit" playstyle in a transport vehicle is it Ghost Alpha?" commonly asked (when I say ask I mean in rage capitals wishing death upon me) by enemies who fall victim to vehicular based bombings by yours truly. It is rewarding to know that a tactic that theoretically is "cheap to do" still annoys people, even people who are like rank 100 still get annoyed at jihad vehicles, so why not use that method of "trolling" as such?
  • Defibrillators; Two paddles both charged with a good few hundred volts to revive teammates and get them up and going again (providing you have the decency to give them a medic bag afterwards), and can be used to just be a help to your team and give you something else to do besides having exclusive class access to assault rifles and single shot "noob tubes" right? Yeah, remember that a charge from a defibrillator or any massive electrical charge that goes through a human when they don't need the electrical charge WILL kill them. In case it is not conspicuous already, you can happily walk up behind an enemy soldier, or to the side of them or to the front if you fancy being riddled with bullets. Once you have the defib paddles aimed at the enemy's chest region/torso area, you can tap once on your "fire" button and kill them shockingly (no pun intended, just an electric spark to kindle your day if you want to try this out). However, sometimes your defibs will not register to hit the enemy, even if you're close enough to see their emblem covering all of your screen, so it is really being lucky. This yet again is NOT a "noob" method of killing, so go ahead and try it, if you dare.
  • Repair tools; Taking the form of a gas fuelled blowtorch, this is used to repair friendly vehicles and can be used to draw things on walls and the ground of maps if you wish to use Battlefield as an art room instead of a virtual online shooter, but if you have that choice, fine, do it. The repair tool whilst being able to repair friendly vehicles, will damage enemies and enemy vehicles. This handy method of killing enemies or damaging enemy vehicles is useful if you wish to provide a cheesy method of death to the enemy. Probably most humiliating if the victim is in a helicopter and still doesn't know you're there just gradually burning their vehicle. However the funniest ones will be with enemy snipers of course, due to their class not devoted at all to close quarters combat (Be warned: Sidearms in BF4 include the Shorty 12G which is effectively a shorter shotgun that kicks ass in emergency CQB circumstances) and with that some enemy Recon players will be using the Shorty 12G to easily defend themselves in CQC, so just try to be sneaky, and this actually works; burn the back of their heads, the damage inflicted is a lot more and this works better than just torching their spine to cinders.

Naturally seeing as I have only just started this account here, I'll probably add more stuff at a later date. But for now, safe to say I'll just play the objective now yeah? :)

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