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My role on the wiki

I edit daily. I enjoy doing it as I'm pedantic (according to my Maths teacher) and passionate and having nothing better to do (I'm a sheltered child according to Daniel). I tend to edit construction articles and recommend articles be taken off from construction when no one else realises. I'm currently working on the guns of BF4 and thus have a relatively in depth knowledge. You got a question about your favorite rifle but can't understand all the statistics? Just ask me. I'm on chat frequently and so am happy to help.


Basicly this section is for me to look at some of the more significant things I have done. Read, don't read. I don't mind. It's really just a boasting section!


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My Habits and Hobbies

I love to play video games. I'm also pedantic and like to keep every little thing correct as my maths partners will tell you. I also enjoy recording my life and the ones around me so I keep a diary.

The Good Times


My music habits are far from consistent. I have liked everything from death metal to techno, from pop to classical. My most favourite bands/artists would have to include All American RejectsF-777 and Breaking Benjamin.

Examples below:

File:Inner Circle - Sweat (A La La Long).mp4


  • Science
  • Maths
  • Russian history (20th/21st centurary only)
  • Reviews 
  • Business



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