Overview[edit | edit source]

I'm capable to read/write English, Japanese and Chinese.

The Battlefield Vietnam is my first Battlefield, and Battlefield 2142 is my favorite Battlefield Title.

Currently I'm playing Battlefield 4.

I'm also a big fun of Mirror's Edge which is another title developed by DICE.

Standpoint[edit | edit source]

I have 200 hours on Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment, therefore I'm a spiritual supporter of what DICE LA has achieved for Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 is also my second favorite title.

I'm strongly against nostalgia people especially the people who like to say "Battlefield 4 is worse than Battlefield 3" and "Battlefield 3 is worse than Battlefield 2".

Unless she/he says "Battlefield 2 is worse than Battlefield 1", yea I like to add cringe joke when talking serious topics.

I spent 600 hours on PC.

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