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Just another plain contributor/editor at your wiki.

Please contact me if there is error or use talk page on edited page if you're unsure about it. Thank you.

Also contributing for Rainbow Six, Star Wars Battlefront and Overwatch wikis.

Other Edit

  • I'm mostly editing pages about video game features (weapons, maps, etc)
  • I also edit templates (I'm looking for ways to make them simple to edit or navigate for the viewer)

Issues Edit

  • Almost all weapon pages have Wikipedia's, or level of description in overviews (in other words - they have too much unrelated information), sometimes copied without rephrasing or changing at all. The problem is - it doesn't contribute to videogame wiki, even if it's FPS one. It's a place for some unique features, mechanics, but most importantly - the weapon's relation to the video game itself, its depiction (and how different it is) and etc. It would be better to see how in-game characters interact with particular weapon or how video game series treats them in in-game world instead of how it revolutionized real-life today. I think Counter-Strike Wiki is the good example of balance between overview and general description (which is reserved to how weapon functions in-game).
  • Some articles are copy-pastes from Wikipedia with no rephrasing or adaptation at all. World War I and World War II are mostly just pastes from source with added links to its respective missions from video games, but with no mention of video games. Pages needs to be adapted to BF wiki with proper description of how it's related to BF series, it doesn't need to be another mirror of Wikipedia just because "video games happen to be in that timeline".
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