aka Nikita

  • I live in Bandung, Indonesia
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is College student
  • I am Male

About meEdit

I am Nikitazero, a 23-years old Indonesian living in Bandung. I am a veteran gamer of some sort, especially FPS games, and, perhaps, are the only Indonesian editor in the Battlefield Wiki.

In my opinion, Battlefield series is special to me, as the series is the "real" battle simulation FPS game that will teach us how to fight as a team to achieve the objectives in a near-realistic battlefield.

I have a lot of interests, such as general knowledge, history, militaries (especially guns) and of course, gaming, at which most of my family think that I am obsessed to video games.

Thanks in no small part due to tendencies of free-to-play online shooter games released here in my country being mostly "pay to win", my fondness to video games is now limited to popular franchises, although sometimes I played certain recent online shooter games just for tryouts. Currently my gaming interests have begun to wane, perhaps due to my age and having little time and more things in my mind since studying in the university.

Other than playing video games, I spent most of my time in front of my PC by browsing the Internet or editing my conceptual "ideal" online shooter game, which now becomes my dream that I pursued so much where I could actually develop the said game.


Battlefield 2Edit

Once I usually play Battlefield 2 in a local Battlefield 2 server, but now, unfortunately, the server (along with the forums) is closed for some unknown reason. Currently I am actively playing Battlefield 2's mods such as AIX as well as tweaking the mod itself a bit, and will learn to mod the game when I had the time.

While playing Battlefield 2 in multiplayer, I often support my teammates from a distance as a Sniper with my lovely M95. I always create a squad that consists of newbies and I lead them to the right way to play Battlefield 2.

My favourite vehicle is attack helos, especially as its gunner as I can control the helo's devastating TV-guided missiles, though I rarely have a chance to ride one.

Battlefield Bad Company 2Edit

When I got the chance, I sometimes play Battlefield Bad Company 2, usually the singleplayer aspect. I briefly played the multiplayer aspect on a non-Steam server (for obvious reasons, I can't tell what server it is).

Battlefield 4Edit

Currently, Battlefield 4 is one of the games I want to play so much.

Now I have a new laptop, but its specs was way too low for the game (the game can actually be played, only the graphics had to be set to the worst), and the game's original copies (not including the DLCs) is highly expensive here, so I had to wait for an indefinite time (at least until I have a new, much better PC) to play it.

On the WikiEdit

You'll find me editing articles in this wiki to make it enjoyable and nice to read.


My quotesEdit

"I do not fear strong enemies; I only fear weak allies."

— My first golden rule when playing online

"Stay calm, no matter what; it will greatly help you."

— My second golden rule when playing online

"Fight alongside experts; you might learn a thing or two from them."

— My third golden rule when playing online

"Defeat is a good lesson that may brought you victory later."

— My fourth golden rule when playing online

"Respect your allies and enemies."

— My fifth and final golden rule when playing online


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