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Hey. I'm just a (sorta) friendly person who likes battlefield, COD and many other shooters and their communities. Although I'm no bureaucrat, To, um message me. But why would you want to do that? I'm just a nub.

About MeEdit

Hello, I'm Ryan. I usually edit on this wiki and many others, but I like to play Battlefield and Call of Duty. All though I'm 420 years old, it still has not hindered my likeliness for the Battlefield Franchise, the Halo Franchise and all shooters alike. You can find me on PSN by "RequiemVI", MC (PC) By "RequiemVI" or "Remenation" and my Roblox name by "Nobleout". My Xbox360 name which I don't really use, is "xHwb xModz". Kind of a MLG name I know.

My favorite pagesEdit

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