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  • I live in Raven Rock Mountain Complex, PA
  • I was born on November 29
  • My occupation is President of the Enclave
  • I am Awesome
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Welcome to Raven Rock, the home of PresidentEden78 on Wikia.

About Me

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"Hello again, sweet America. This is your President, John Henry Eden. Lets chat, shall we?"

Hey there! If you couldn't tell already, I'm a huge fan of Fallout 3 and the radio speeches of Enclave President John Henry Eden within the game, which is where my name originated from.

You may be asking yourself why I ended up on Battlefield Wiki rather than Fallout's "The Vault" Wiki. Well, back when I joined Wikia in April 2010, The Vault was more than well off without another soon-to-be dedicated user and they also seemed to have a bunch of bureaucracy just to make a single edit. That wasn't something I wanted to deal with, so I went to my next favorite game series at the time, Battlefield.

It all started when I saw something about Battlefield: Bad Company back during the craze that was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare during my console gaming days. When I heard that you could actually destroy the walls of a building that a guy was camping in, I was immediately interested. When the game came in June 2008, I was immediately hooked. I think I even came here as an Anon to see if there was much info about the game. Unfortunately, the wiki back then was virtually empty.

Fast forward two years to a month after the release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, way after I had my summer fun with Battlefield 1943, I decided to make an account on Wikia and made my first edit to the XM320 page. From there, I became known as a mass editor, going on what I liked to call edit sprees, where I would make many similar edits to multiple pages in a short time. I even ended up becoming a PC gamer thanks to one of my friends here who gave me an image-gathering project for the weapons of Bad Company 2 that I delivered on. That also led to me having a complete collection of every game in the series.

Unfortunately, as time has gone on and friends have come and gone, and as I've risen from a humble trusted user to a useful admin and no to practically the only b'crat (no offense, Bond!), my editing frequency has decreased from that of yesteryear. Mostly due to studying to be a Civil Engineer in college, and partly due to a slew of games that keep getting in my way of editing that need to be played, like Halo: Reach, New Vegas, Minecraft, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Civilization 5 (especially with its recent expansion, Gods and Kings), and even Battlefield 3.

As an editor, I've grown from making multiple small edits to multiple larger edits, to completely rewriting articles, and I hold myself to a high standard to make sure everything is detailed correctly.

But because of my horribad memory, and ability of providing too many details, you may find many of my edits to show these traits. They'll either be long and boring as I impersonally explain every little detail about my extensive experience with a weapon/vehicle, detailing everything in a cut-scene that happens, minor things like forgetting to add the necessary categories and templates, or a simple spelling mistake that I notice just after I hit "publish" - and that might happen more than once. What can I say, I strive for perfection. It just doesn't always happen the first time, lol.

As a player in Battlefield 3 on PC, I tend to main the Assault Kit, keeping my team alive, but not by being a Rambo Medic that just wants points. And not to boast, but I have the tendency to have the highest score in most rounds I play, as well as the most kills. My F2000 may or may not be to blame. If you'd like to add me as a friend, I have the same name on Origin/Battlelog as I do here. Just make sure you let me know how we know each other!

If needed, however, I will gladly play any role required by my squad, be it a vehicle junkie, an ammo hog, or even a bush wookie. However, I'm so bad with these kits that I actually fix other vehicles, give out ammo, and PTFO. I know, what a shocker! Actually doing my kits' jobs! Somebody should perma-ban me for that!

"For now, this is John Henry Eden, signing off."

Battlefield Commendations

"A good leader can't get too far ahead of his followers." -- John Henry Eden, ca. August 2277


Trusted User Award

Awarded 02:37, August 15, 2010 (UTC) by SSDGFCTCT9 - for "Having good dedication to the wiki, contributing well, and having a great attitude."



User of the Month Award - September 2010

Awarded 10:58, September 1, 2010 (UTC) by Doc. Richtofen per nomination from Heatedpete - for "A lot of work on the singleplayer articles for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and also some welcome contributions to topics such as Template Images and Bumblebeeprime09's PMG gallery."


Administrator Award

Awarded 16:30, March 14, 2011 (UTC) by Bondpedia and Heatedpete per nomination from SSDGFCTCT9 - for making "over 2400 edits, around 40% of which is mainspace, and another 30% being files to properly license and sort them. He's a good person too: never once got in trouble or caused a disturbance."


Editor's Award

Awarded 16:05, July 20, 2011 (UTC) by SSDGFCTCT9 - for being "one of our top contributors, and has undertaken pages that were little more than shambles and turned them into great ones. He has also been a constant contributor in top-notch images and a Wiki policy enforcer."


User of the Month Award - August 2011

Awarded 15:39, August 2, 2011 (UTC) by SSDGFCTCT9 per nomination from Bondpedia - for "Over the last month (and longer, he really deserved this last month too), Eden has almost certainly been the most active editor, taking countless articles from literally nothing to brilliant articles, again and again, and again. Furthermore, while I'm sad to say I don't know Eden as well as other users, I do know he is a genuinely nice person and a brilliant editor who deserves endless praise for the work he does."

My Current Projects

This is a list of projects to be undertaken by PresidentEden78. If a link led you here, please check the page's history to see what content was originally posted here.
Testing Chamber 1 · Testing Chamber 2 · Testing Chamber 3

Current Project(s)

This sure as hell isn't gonna happen in order.

  • Fix BFP4F info. WIP
  • Get HD images for BC1 campaign. Not Started
    • Include pictures of Gold Bar locations/collectible weapons.
  • Rewrite BC2 campaign articles in BC1 style. Not Started
    • Get pictures from campaign for articles.
    • Include pictures of M-COM Station locations/collectible weapons.
  • Finish BF2:MC campaign articles. Not Started
  • Fix everything BF3 to BC1 & 2 standard. WIP
    • Rewrite character pages after reading The Russsian.
  • Fix popular templates (infoboxes in particular) with useful information about useage and copypasta. WIP
  • Try to get more info on Battlefield: Online. Anyone know Korean? Not Started
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