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Welcome to Raven Rock, the home of President Eden on Wikia.

About Me

"Hello again, sweet America. This is your president, John Henry Eden. Lets chat, shall we?"

If you couldn't tell, I'm a huge Fallout 3 fan and a supporter of the Enclave after listening to waaay too much of Enclave Radio in Fallout 3, so my name came from that as 2278 could be an election year - even though it wouldn't be, but who cares. The Fallout timeline splits somewhere after WWII anyways. I've played a great deal of games ranging from Halo to Soul Calibur to the Ledgend of Zelda, and I consider myself a well-rounded gamer. I'm a caucasian male who spends more than his fair share playing video games, which mainly consists of FPS's, RPG's and the sort - but especially the Battlefield series. Once I heard about the ability to blow up an entire house in the midst of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare craze, I was immediately turned on to the series.

"For now, this is John Henry Eden, signing off."

Battlefield Commendations

"A good leader can't get too far ahead of his followers." -- John Henry Eden, ca. August 2277


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Awarded 02:37, August 15, 2010 (UTC) by SSDGFCTCT9 - for "Having good dedication to the wiki, contributing well, and having a great attitude."


User of the Month - September 2010

Awarded 10:58, September 1, 2010 (UTC) by Doc. Richtofen per nomination from Heatedpete - for "A lot of work on the singleplayer articles for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and also some welcome contributions to topics such as Template Images and Bumblebeeprime09's PMG gallery."

My Play-style on the Battlefield

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Currently, I own four Battlefield games, with hopes to obtain Battlefield 2: Modern Combat soon.

Battlefield Bad Company

Ahh, this is such a fun game. Really was a nice break from Call of Duty 4, being able to drive tanks, helicopters, boats, and of course, golf carts. Mainly, I tend to play as the Assault Kit with an F2000, or a Support Kit with the MG3.

This game really required a lot of teamwork and I always contributed as much as I could, rather than camp and snipe. If there's one thing to remember in this game, "press knife to win" on Acta Non Verba. That map can be hectic and fun as hell to play, especially when I got my strike wildcard there with grenades.

But yeah, I love to contribute to the team by any means necessary in this game.

Battlefield 1943

I LOVE the Rifleman Kit in this game. The M1 Garand/Type 5 in my hands become weapons of mass destruction. I also especially have fun shooting planes out of the sky with the Sherman or Chi-Ha when enemies think they can bomb me.

As a fighter pilot, th only way you can take me down is if you have a Zero and I have a Corsair, or if you know hoe to use the AA gun effectively. Otherwise, the only way I'm dying is by my mistake of crashing into something (it happens...) because I am a very good pilot.

The thing I did hate about the early fighter battles in this game when it came out was that everyone just rammed each other. Luckily, it eventually stopped.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Need a good teammate on the 360 version or a noob to kill on the PC version? Look no further! I play far better in this game on the Xbox 360 version, being a console gamer, but I am becoming better on the PC version. Anyways, I manly play the Assault Kit with my F2000 or as an Engineer with my SCAR-L or Mk 14 (The ammo is MINE! Just kidding, I'll share). I will also play as a medic with my Type 88 if their are not enough about and I will actually heal and revive people (Yeah, you can actually do that in this game. Who knew!).

When playing as the Recon Kit, I wont sit back and be amazed at the 900 pt marksman headshot I just got, with that being the only thing I did that game. I actually go out with my SV-98, a 4X scope, C4, and motion sensors, and do TEAMWORK things. Like actually throwing those weird looking spheres about, C4-ing tanks or laughing my ass off when I headshot you at close range with my SV-98 when you had an M60 or AN-94 with magnum ammo and a 4X and you shot first. Oh yeah, I hate magnum ammo. With a passion. Why, you might ask? Because it's just like stopping power in Call of Duty. Everyone uses it. Marksman Training/Spotter scope FTW.

On the PC version, uh... yeah... I can't be of much help. I mean I know how to play and all, but I'm not completely used to the controls and such. Flying a helicopter is nothing like it is on the console version.

Battlefield 2

My most recent acquisition of the series, and certainly one of the best Battlefield games as I've heard. Too bad I suck at it like I do on the BC2 PC version. It'd be nice if Punkbuster would let me play for more than five minutes online though, since before and after updating it, it kicks me out because it says some bullshit about not being able to load some file or something. I like the Spec Ops class so far though, in what little time I have played.

Battlefield 2142

Damn these digital download sources, they keep making me spend money on things I want with low prices... I bought this game out of spite after seeing it hit $10 USD on the EA Store. It is very fun from what I've played so far, and I'm enjoying the Assault and Support Kits. The walkers are very fun to use as well. But, like BF2, I'm guessing Punkbuster won't let me play online. I haven't tried that yet.

Pages I've Created

6 templates and 60 articles.

  1. Over and Out
  2. Active Armor Upgrade
  3. Smoke Countermeasures Package
  4. OHigh Power Optics Package
  5. Alternate Weapon Package
  6. Improved Warheads Package
  7. Electronic Warfare Package
  8. Quick Reload Package
  9. Marksman Training
  10. Template:BF2 Weapons
  11. Template:Characters of BC
  12. McKee
  13. Owens
  14. Archangel
  15. Template:Weapons of Battlefield 1942
  16. M1918 BAR
  17. Bren
  18. Gewehr 43
  19. P38
  20. M1 Bazooka
  21. Panzershreck
  22. FG 42
  23. Breda 30
  24. Jetpack
  25. Midnight Sun
  26. Operation Harvest
  27. Operation Road Rage
  28. FAMAS
  29. G36K
  30. HK53
  31. HK21
  32. Benelli M4
  33. VIP Map Pack 6
  34. Special Activities Division
  35. Template:BF2MC Weapons
  36. Type 79
  37. RMB-93
  38. Benelli M3
  39. Glock 17
  40. SMAW
  41. PF-98
  42. Type 91
  43. Heavy Metal (Multiplayer)
  44. Cold War (Multiplayer)
  45. Template:Maps of Battlefield Heroes
  46. Template:Weapons of Battlefield 2142
  47. Krylov FA-37
  48. Lambert Carbine
  49. Bauer H-AR
  50. Voss L-AR
  51. Turcotte Rapid SMG
  52. Malkov RK-11 SMG
  53. Bianchi FA-6 LMG
  54. Shuko K-80 LMG
  55. Ganz HMG
  56. Morretti SR4 Sniper Rifle
  57. Park 52 Sniper Rifle
  58. Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle
  59. Pilum H-AVR
  60. Clark 15B
  61. Clark 12-RDX
  62. P33 Pereria
  63. Takao T20
  64. Mitchell AV-18
  65. Sudnik VP
  66. Mitchell SAAW 86

A fun link for all those patriots out there like me! -Long live the Enclave!

"Pimp My Gun" Creations

After seeing DEathgod65's creations at his page, I decided to use this cool little program - made by one who goes by the name of "Dr. Noob" - to make some of my own guns.

  • The Best Gun Ever.jpg My favorite weapon of all time, the F2000. Sporting its GL1, a 4X, and a green finish that is as close as I could get to BC1's camo it had.
  • The Next Best Gun Ever.jpg My second favorite weapon, the Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR. I updated it for the PMG contes after seeing some on Flickr. This is more customized, however.
  • The Best Pistol Ever.jpg My favorite pistol to use Bad Company 2, the MP-443 Grach. I used this in the PMG contest that Bumblebeeprime09 held.
  • PMG T88 PE78.jpg My Type 88 LMG for Bumblebee's PMG contest. The barrel took forever to get right, and shapes helped clean the gun up a lot to look right.
  • PMG MG3 PE78.jpg One of my favorite LMGs, the MG3. This was for the contest as well. The stock looks a little funny because of the gradients involved.
  • PMG AEK-971 PE78.jpg A recent favorite of mine in BC2, the AEK-971, made for the contest. It has that weird grenade launcher because there's no GP-30 in PMG.
  • PMG PP2000 PE78.jpg A pretty close PP-2000 made in PMG. It's not my favorite SMG as it can be cheap online in BC2 with almost no recoil, but its still a decent gun.
  • PMG SV-98 PE78.jpg My favorite sniper in BC2 for its magazine size and fire rate, the SV-98. I updated and built it with shapes as look-alike parts didn't look very good.
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