I'm AceFoSho on Xbox 360. Message me if you want to squad up or throw down, and message [EXO] for platoon matches. I'm also AceFoSho on Battlelog, feel free to friend me anytime.

As of 10/12/2012 I have the 10th most REX kills in the entire world, and also more pistol ribbons than assault rifle, carbine, and melee ribbons combined. I'm in the top 1% for BMP kills, the top 2% for the LSAT and 4% for the QBB even though I haven't used it in ages. Top 7% for SKS. I was in the top 20% for the M26 DART before it got glitched, and when it did, I stopped using it (now I'm in top 50%). Top 3% for ranking score and MVP ribbons. Come at me bro!

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