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aka IP.D

  • I live in HELL
  • My occupation is LOSING THE GAME

Hello, world. If you get knifed or killed with a suppressed M1911 on PlayStation Network, it's probably me! Time to think about destroying a nuclear power plant by knifing the air. I'm not a Call of Duty fanboy, though. Seriously.

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Let's face it, I don't have the time and extreme dedication towards this wiki, so I shouldn't expect to become an administrator, let alone a bureaucrat. However, I still show the same love and positive attitude, and just ask that you view me as a guy who likes this place.

BC2BlackHawk This User Loves The rendering system.
BFBC 2 Black Hawk Helicopter This User Loves The UH-60 Black Hawk
M1-Abrams-marine-corps-13051533-1024-683 This User Loves The M1A2 Abrams
Solomon - Handgun This user dislikes Solomon.
Armored Kill Boxart This user loves Armored Kill.
Battlefield Premium This user owns Battlefield Premium.
Play4FreeLogo This user owns Battlefield Play4Free.
Battlefield 4 Cover This user loves Battlefield 4.
BF2142DogTag This user loves Battlefield 2142.
M1911 Suppressed BF3 This user loves the M1911 Suppressed.
BF2 M82A1 This user loves the M82A3.
' This user watches credits!
Tombstone Trophy This user has the Tombstone Trophy!
' This user seems to get Battlefield Premium to get the third expansion pack early.
Naval Strike This user loves Naval Strike.
Titanexplosion This user loves Titan!
Afterlife This user loves Mob of the Dead!

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PSN This User Is A PS3 Gamer!
PSN This User Is A PS4 Gamer!


I have generally retired from the BF Wiki. Not that I'll never edit again, just that I'll seldom be here. I wish the rest of the users luck on this and other wikis.

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