Why BC2 sucks.

  • Idiots - I cannot TELL you how many times I get an idiotic teammate who ditches his tank when it is at around 65 health and runs to an M-COM station and then they have all the vehicles.
  • Choke points - On a lot of maps, it is extremely hard to get past/defend a certain M-COM station which really isn't fair. I think it should be fairly even, and play skill should be the difference.
  • Noobs - People are buying this game, and they treat it like MW2 and they always get themselves killed and we lose.
  • No microphones - This is a problem only on the X-BOX. Obviously little kids play it, because they never have a mic plugged it and IT COMES WITH THE X-BOX 360. PLUG IT IN!
  • Guns - The gun choices are terribly small.
  • Single-player - I don't like it when I am looking at the floor for a new gun, and an enemy decides to spawn and knife me.
  • Nobody to play with - There is never anyone to play with, and they are never any good.
  • Matchmaking - Getting paired up with people that don't speak your language is bullshit.
  • Spawn-camping - "This game is 99.99 percent spawn campproofable. Particularly Atacama Desert.
  • Resale value - The resale value shows how terrible the game is. The original price was $60 USD. Now it is around $15 USD.
  • Knifing - Most people know what I mean.
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