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aka Chris J.H.

  • I live in Suffolk County, New York
  • I was born on May 10
  • I am male
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About MeEdit

Sexy russian medic

Russian Medic is a sexy bitch.

Hello, peoples! I am Zealot Guy, and this is my user page. I am 22 years old, I live in New York. I play way too many videogames but it's fun so shut up.

What else... I'm the leader of a clan thingy and a commander of other players. I'm very strict and have a mostly no bullshit policy. What I'm trying to say is: you will be held responsible if any of your shenanigans cause a setback. If you could hear my voice, you'd understand how I can be a leader. I'm a loud guy, and you will notice a distinct change in my tone when I mean business.

Otherwise, I have two modes: friendly and prick. Usually I'm pretty friendly, but if I act like a prick it's nothing special. I'm mean to everyone; I don't hate anyone personally.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

As of the release of Battlefield 3, I have retired from Bad Company 2. It was a great run, and I still consider it a great game.

I play BFBC2 on the PS3. I main medic and I'm very proud of the fact that I've amassed almost 6,300,000 points as a medic. In fact, I'm actually one of the best medics out there. I may very well be the best medic on PS3. That said, I have high expectations in other medics, which often just leads me to disappointment. I wrote the book on how to be a medic so check that out.

My favorite LMG is the MG3 SA, with which I've scored over 10,000 kills. I also use the PKM, M249 SAW, and XM8 LMG. I've received platinum stars for all of my LMGs, but I still think the M60 sucks. Well, not sucks. I still use the M60 for long range maps but the other LMGs are much better weapons in my opinion. I've gotten into shotguns, and have been doing very well with the USAS-12 and Saiga 20K. I also make use of heavy tanks, and have the platinum star for heavy vehicles. When it comes to air-craft, I enjoy piloting and gunning for gunships such as the Hind and Blackhawk. I suck with attack choppers like the Apache and Havoc and prefer to stay away from them.

Check out my stats.[1][2] You can add me on the PS3 if you want. My PSN is Zealot_Guy. Just be sure to include who you are and how I know you in the friend request. I otherwise ignore requests I don't recognize. I lead a clan called Tank Time or just [TT]. There's a special page for it over here.

In GameEdit

When I play, I play for fun. Fun for me is winning, but I won't mind losing as long as my team fought hard and did their best. I'd rather lose and give it all I've got than win unfairly.

This is what reviving is like

You are not dead until I say so!

When it comes to being a medic, I'm a narcissist and a prick. I consider myself to be a damned good medic and I will not hesitate to call others out for sucking at something I am clearly superior at. Don't get me wrong, additional medics are awesome, but do not play as one if I have clearly displayed that I have the situation under control.

My ClanEdit

I lead a clan called Tank Time. Go to its main page.


I'm a professional medic, and that's what I do, and all I'm really good at. Although I have platinum'd the M60, it was a pain to use and I loathed it. I never use magnum ammo because I never need it; I never use Red Dot Sights or 4X Scopes on my LMGs or any other weapon for the same reason (unless I steal it from the dead hands of my enemy). Heal 'H+' and Heal 'R+' are the only specs I use. I frown upon the use of magnum ammo in general, and I frown upon C4ing M-Coms.

When it comes to combat, I am a defensive player. I love being surrounded by team mates and I spend most of a fire fight behind cover, firing at enemies when the opportunity arises. I genuinely prefer to let others do the killing and myself run support.

Battlefield: 3Edit

As of my getting a PS4 and Battlefield 4, I am retiring from Battlefield 3. It was fun as shit as we all know but I'm moving forward.

I picked up Battlefield 3 at the midnight release and got started right away. I play Assault almost exclusively, and take my roll with pride. I consider myself to be a really good medic, and do everything I can to help others stay healthy and in fighting condition.

My Battlelog is available here[3] so feel free to add me on there.

In GameEdit

I play for fun and for winning. I take victory seriously, but I have no problem losing if we do our best. I prefer to be the squad leader if possible, but I have no problem working with others if they know what they're doing.

I've come to love all of the weapons available to the assault and use most of them regularly. I've set up each of my guns to fit a particular combat role and switch between them.


I am an assault and it's what I do, here. I'm really good at it. When it comes to combat, I do everything I can to get the upper-hand. I'm not afraid to retreat when under fire nor am I afraid to rush in and get dirty. I go through bullets like water, and thrive in heavy skirmishes. My main priority is the objectives and keeping them under control. When an objective is being contested, you can count on me to be the first responder.

On the WikiEdit

I am the Overseer of Re-directories, I guess. For the record, a re-directory is a page that automatically redirects you to another one. That's as part of Operation: Overhaul.

My BlogEdit

On my blog, I've written a good number of tactic guides and what-not. Check them out. My Common Sense and Common Courtesy guide is the one I'm most proud of.

How To GuidesEdit

These guides were written with Bad Company 2 in mind; but don't think that they're irrelevant for Battlefield 3.

BF3 How To GuidesEdit
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