1. Bring back magnum ammo, demolition and a perk like ceramic body armor but changed( partially cancels one shots)

2. Bring back armor but slightly changed- This and number 1 will be explained in 3

3. Bring in a perk like armor that works at longer ranges-

So armor would only work on snipers UPCLOSE!: making it not kill in 1 shot, and this new perk would cancel long range body shots. Then the others work just like they did in BC2.

This not only allows snipers to better fill their role but keeps them balanced as well as makes the game more tactical.

Do you want to be protected from snipers 1 shots, drop people faster or be able to survive an extra shot because of ceramic body armor which on snipers would make it an upper chest shot only(lets say triceps up).
I would like it if the game played like The bf3 beta with magnum ammo's increase and if people wore armor would play like bf4

4. Bring back the solo specialization option in BF5 like bf3 did along with bf5 field upgrades- this would work really well if your playing by yourself or TDM. But make it so you using 1 perk can help your squad get the rest of their perks.

5. Make it so all player items can damage vehicles- So primaries,secondaries and grenades can be used with your equipment to take down vehicles.

6. Make accurate explosive weapons like rocket launchers and frag rounds not only drop their direct damage but their blast damage and blast area over range. This would make them more harder to use at range but still practical and would make them dangerous upclose making them most effective at medium ranges.

7. Give snipers and LMG the bipod as a built in attachment but make it so they can use grips with the bipod. This will encourage people to use them more because they won't have to give up attachments to use them.

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