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  • PSKwhirled

    This is a warning. If you continue to post ANYTHING about the discussion. You will be banned outright for three days on account of being disruptive to the space or flaming, if you are.

    This is unnecessarily continuing. Drop it. Right now. That goes for every single user.

    Anything connected to it must also be dropped as well. Fighting is unnecessary, and I think it's time that you all act more mature and let it go.

    This is effective immediately. If I catch you, you're bricked for a few days.

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  • PSKwhirled

    BF3 Community Event

    October 8, 2012 by PSKwhirled

    So he idea came across our chat. A community event shall take place in Battlefield 3. The idea is, we users of the Battlefield Wiki get together and enjoy some matches for a while. The event date is up to everyone planning on participating. Slopijoe will be the one organizing the event, server and all. Hopefully, we can get lots of players and have fun. And details may be in future blog posts done by me...

    Note: We're gearing this towards PS3 players because we have a large usergroup for it; a team of twelve will be easy to gather. Users get priority over anonymous users. (Sorry :

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