I've just noticed this amazing sniping position just two days ago. Using my SRR-61(Ballistic Scope (40x) , Variable Zoom (14x) , Suppressor , and Straight Pull Bolt equiped) I got onto a PWC after passing Zone 1 on Paracel Storm going to the island building where usually the destroyer crashes into as the map's Levolution event. Since the storm takes place during the first zone and clears after beating Zone 1, the building is still stands as the Levolution event never occurs on Rush. Upon reaching the top floor of this building I have a lot of visual over the defenders, picking off players on emplacements, dealing with counter-snipers, and spotting for my teammates out there. After clearing Zone 2, I remain on the same building and overlook Zone 3's towers. Again I continue to snipe, achieving many marksman, sniper, and spotting ribbons. When advancing on Zone 4, I go onto a balcony in one of the buildings and sniper until the game is over. By the game's end, I when 45-0. I didn't even die once. Though this is my secret sniping spot, I've decided to share it amongst all of you and suggest you try to snipe from up there.

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