So I was testing armored kill yesterday and me and ATATKiller (BBP09) were playing on the map Death Valley and we noticed a few things... this will help you win in TS.

  • Flank the enemy tanks -There are usually a few routes out of your base. Use them to get around the enemy and get behind them
  • Do not bum rush - this will get you brutally clubbed with tank shells
  • Use tank destroyers - the normal tanks my have more armor but there are so many tank destroyers it doesnt matter. You need to be moblie
  • Stay on the move - If you flank and murder the other team they will be looking for you so move around to avoid getting surrounded
  • Count the counter flank - the enemy may counter flank. This is bad. Counter the counter flank
  • Do not bunch up - bunching up is deadly the enemy may utilize splash damage to murder you all
  • change the flank in which you attack - if you only attack one way they will build up their defenses over that way. Don't be stupid, use this to your advangtage and go the other way.


  • WOLF PACK YOU NOOBS - This will help keep your tanks alive like they say the Mongols didnt continue their civil war when they counquered all that land 3 times the size of the roman empire they were smart and teamed up if you wolf pack one person may get hit here and there but if they do you and your squad just unload on the enemy tank they will probably be dead in seconds this way you can stay alive and hold the point longer.

Remember these next time you play Tank Superiority. It may come in handy.

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