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February Premium Competition Info

This months competition is for arming/disarming the most M-COMS in Rush. As you know, like the other competitions, this will be only on certain, premium only, and also password locked. It will run for 48 hours and will be only Aftermath maps. Each platform will have 5 winners and each will win a t-shirt that says DICE on it and a limited edition lithograph. It will run Saturday  and Sunday, the 16th and 17. This means that it will start at Midnight on the 16th UTC time. 

Link to find your time zone.

February Dog Tag Challenge

Bird of Prey Dog Tag

The "Bird of Prey" Dogtag

This starts at the same time as the Premium competition and is also focused on Rush. All platforms work together on this one. Just arm and disarm 1 million M-COMs (in the same timeframe as the premium event) to recieve the 6th dog tag, called "Bird of Prey"

CTF Info and End Game screenshot

BF3 End Game CTF Kiasar Railroad

The screenshot from End Game. The map is Kiasar Railroad.

According to DICE, "The new dirt bike is without a doubt the star of capture the Flag." Some info from this is that there will be a system where if your flag isn't at your base, you cannot capture the enemy flag, only take it. According to this blog post, capturing a flag is instantaneous, but recovering a lost flag is similar to capturing a flag in Conquest, where you have to wait for a ticker to let you pick it up. The amount of friendlies in the area will make it go faster. Once you capture it, it teleports back to your base. The dirt bike makes for good quick get aways but according to DICE you are open to any fire (as if someone is going to perfectly lead and kill you before you get away).Also in the blog, it says the hotspots around the map are always changing with where the flag is. 

Still no Air Superiority info, except the premium exclusive trailer and the short bit from the reveal.


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