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  • Rampantlion513

    Welcome to the reboot. This time we go proffesional.

    • Nothing

    • See some new vehicle things, including the new "top" damage zone for tanks:
    • Don't miss every Field upgrade in detail, the new mortar system, and launchers info:
    • See PDW game play, along with some Obliteration details:
    • See the MGs of BF4, and some extra spectator mode footage along with some community stuff:
    • See the assault rifles in action:
    • DICE has officially released the PC System requirements:

    • See vehicle customization details:

    In other news, Tupac Shakur died 17 years ago today.

    Got some news you want to share? Leave a comment below or on my…

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  • Rampantlion513

    News Mania

    February 15, 2013 by Rampantlion513

    There is a lot of news I just found.

    This months competition is for arming/disarming the most M-COMS in Rush. As you know, like the other competitions, this will be only on certain, premium only, and also password locked. It will run for 48 hours and will be only Aftermath maps. Each platform will have 5 winners and each will win a t-shirt that says DICE on it and a limited edition lithograph. It will run Saturday  and Sunday, the 16th and 17. This means that it will start at Midnight on the 16th UTC time. 

    Link to find your time zone.

    This starts at the same time as the Premium competition and is also focused on Rush. All platforms work together on this one. Just arm and disarm 1 million M-COMs (in the same timeframe as the premium event) to…

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  • Rampantlion513

    Valentine's Day 2XP

    February 7, 2013 by Rampantlion513

    So apparently for all you forever alones out there, DICE will be hosting a little St. Valentine's Day Double XP.

    Febuarary 14 at 2 am PST to Febuarary 15 at 2 am PST.

    All Maps and modes

    heres the shocker


    For time zone conversions, click this link here.


    If you don't then theres a link.

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  • Rampantlion513

    So I was testing armored kill yesterday and me and ATATKiller (BBP09) were playing on the map Death Valley and we noticed a few things... this will help you win in TS.

    • Flank the enemy tanks -There are usually a few routes out of your base. Use them to get around the enemy and get behind them
    • Do not bum rush - this will get you brutally clubbed with tank shells
    • Use tank destroyers - the normal tanks my have more armor but there are so many tank destroyers it doesnt matter. You need to be moblie
    • Stay on the move - If you flank and murder the other team they will be looking for you so move around to avoid getting surrounded
    • Count the counter flank - the enemy may counter flank. This is bad. Counter the counter flank
    • Do not bunch up - bunching up i…
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  • Rampantlion513

    Okay so I liked Ops idea for a new class called the tactician. Basically what the tactician would do is in the following.

    The tactician would use shotguns or SMGs. He would be able to sabotage enemy vehicles with C4. The support would have Mortars or something else.... anyways the tactician is the master of stealth too, so he can throw down motion sensors (taking away from the snipers) the only difference is that the motion sensor is like the one from BC2. He can also laser designate targets, though this is a trade off for his C4. His main role would be sneaking around leading some sort of quick assault team.

    When saying this something new comes to mine. In Armored Kill a squad could be using 2 ATVs and be mch like a quick assault force. IN…

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