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  • Rampantlion513

    Hello and this is the June 21st edition of BattleNews

    • The guys at DICE (I am looking at you, Kertz) have hinted that Con Dom (lol) will be headed to other maps, such as vanilla BF3 and B2K. More Details
    • A Premium only Double XP Weekend will be taking place this weekend. More info
    • Close Quarters has been released for non-Premium members on PS3 for $15 USD

    • Battlefieldo was giving away some Premium codes but it is over now. YOU WERE TOO LATE!
    • MP1st has 5 tips for Close Quarters Read the guide, here!

    Well that is it, we need to have a blog system for premium bosses were we can just mess around, read my new blog here, but it is me complaining and doesn't really need to be in the news blog but who cares!

    Goodbye, Losers (jk) but seriously bye!

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  • Rampantlion513

    While it is apparent that DICE only created CQ to attracte the CoD community, some BF3 players are actually PLAYING it. Problems have arose. Here are some of them

    1. Players are using the USAS again

    Yup. You know it. MK3A1 and USAS usage have been revive, but without FRAG, but Flechete. Flechete is my personal favorite because it kills quicker than buckshot, but I only use Pump Action Shotguns. Either way, I can see this becoming a big problem.

    2. I CAN"T KILL YOU USING A [insert powerful, slow rate of fire weapon here] WHILE YOU USE THE [insert crappy gun with high fire rate].

    That is right. It takes away skill from the game. CQ maps are just Point, aim, shoot, kill. It takes no skill. All you need is knowing how to acutally shoot and using a we…

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  • Rampantlion513

    Alan Kertz, lead gameplay designer of BF3, stated on his twitter account "So it seems that Donquest Domination is pretty popular already, would you play it on other maps? I'm just curious."[1] Is Kertz really just curious, or will Conquest Domination be coming to other maps? I would prefer to play Con Dom (OMG LOL I JUST SAW THIS) on other maps because CQ maps are too closed in and the amount of USAS and MK3A1 noobs is too high. (lol) Kertz also said that CQD cannot and will not ever replace the normal Conquest.[2] Also, if you guys are wondering if the F2k, SCAR-H, PKP, and L96 will be the only weapons with camo, the answer is no. The Dev team plans to add more and more camos over time.[3]

    Main Source

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  • Rampantlion513


    • Who: Premium members ONLY
    • Formats: All
    • Servers: Any Ranked
    • Game Modes: Any
    • Maps: All
    • What: Double XP for the weekend
    • When: See attached table

    Here is the table

    Start times for cities

    It starts Sat. Jun 23 at 7:01 AM PDT and ends Mon. Jun 25 at 6:59 AM PDT

    Unfortunately, DICE didn't leave and end time chart....but I don't care, do you!

    Also, as stated, this is for Premium Members Only. So if you are not Premium and you do not get XP this is why. I thought that this XP weekend was great, I leveled up 3 times! Did you like it? Did you level up? If so, how many levels! Hang in there till Thursday, were you will have another news blog coming to you! Don't believe the Haters, ever!

    Till Thursday (maybe before if there are small news events), This is your…

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  • Rampantlion513

    Hello, I almost forgot about the news this week!

    • Close Quarters was released for PC and Xbox 360 premium members I even have links!
    • There will be a double XP this weekend, starting 12:01 AM Pacfic Standard Time on June 16, 2012 and will end 11:59 PM PST on June 17, 2012, for all members only! :) Linky Poo!
    • Nothing else happened

    • Project PTFO is over ( I think)
    • Someone posted the BF Premium Video #1 on YouTube....just wow. Linky

    Well I think that is it for this week, once again I almost forgot to post this, so, Rampantlion513, singing out

    (P.S. I got to talk to a marine today and he was really cool and he was wounded from a IED...also I got a scorechain today and the total was 513 points :) )

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