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    Played a little Battlefield 4 and noticed some changes for the main screen and that it's an Essex carrier and a destroyer on fire. But that's not why where here correct?

    Anywho logging on firing range I noticed there was a new assault rifle I hadn't unlocked. Checking the other classes I noticed there's 5 guns and two gadget.

    Here are the new weapons and gadgets revealed by a PS3/PS4 Update for Battlefield 4: Naval Strike.

    Assault Rifle

    • AR-160
    • ROF:700
    • round: 5.56x45 NATO
    • Magazine: 30
    • Assignment: Spare Time Sniper


    • SR-2
    • ROF:900
    • round: 9x21mm
    • Magazine: 30
    • Assignment: Packing a Punch


    • AWS
    • ROF:800
    • round: 5.56x45 NATO
    • Magazine: 100
    • Assignment: Swiss Cheese


    • SR338
    • ROF:Semi Automatic
    • round: .338 Magnum
    • Magazine: 10
    • Assignment: Always Deadly


    • SW40
    • ROF:Semi A…
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  • Slopijoe

    Well, I decided to have a more interaction with the community. So I decided to make a blog every week to discuss things about Battlefield 4. Today I considered best gun, until I relised we never learned abotu what maps we hate and why. All game modes are allowed (mines will be the TDM maps).

    Heres my List:

    Flood zone- A snipers haven, it seems every time in a TDM match there is a guy who camps with the 50. at the edge of the map, no matter what, the rooftops are just potshots and everyone is on the roof with claymores. Assaults mostly just spray at long range and I constantly take damage from guys with M240 bipods and the games take 15 minutes and its a waste of boost (for those who arnt familiar the average TDM games takes 10 minutes).


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  • Slopijoe


    September 11, 2013 by Slopijoe

    I'm resigning from this wiki.

    Don't talk to me about this place again.

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  • Slopijoe

    Since we havnt had a first Real comnunity event. I feel like we should start having a few nowadays. Specifically we have enough members for a PS3 clan full team. I'll start out with the blog

    Time: October 26 2012

    Server: Im buying one on the day we shall decide

    (note that links are users PSN

    Leader: Tywin1 (Founder)

    Co-leader: PSKwhirled.

    Users Participating:

    • User1Alex
    • Rampantlion513
    • UK13
    • Qw3rty
    • Collector1
    • moistie
    • PSKwhirled
    • Hello Losers
    • Fluexetine
    • Xtremegianca

    We need a full team (12 members playing)

    a rotation of vanilla maps


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  • Slopijoe

    Battlefield 10th Anniversary

    September 20, 2012 by Slopijoe

    Not Exactly news worthy but we'll get to that later

    Well todays an important day in Battlefield history. No not the release of BFBC2 or BF3. Yep Battlefield 1942 has released exactly ten years ago and to honor this occasion DICE has gave us a few things.


    To celebrate the 10th anniversary, DICE has custom created a few other pieces of artwork as well that they want to share to the fans. There’s the 10th anniversary logo plus four never before seen desktop wallpapers in full HD resolution (and the new Battlelog background). These were created at DICE by upscaling select scenes from the classic Battlefield 1942 intro. Just click the thumbnails below and then right click them and select "save-as" to download the 1920×1080 versions. Enjo…

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