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  • TheKnightOfOyashiro

    The wiki roundup will be an informal weekly series describing briefly everything that's been happening on the wiki and with Battlefield as a whole.

    Lots of new details have been coming out for the upcoming Battlefield 1. A lot of the details were covered in the blog documenting the BF1 reveal.

    I'd like to advise everybody to review our Manual of Style and Copyright policy before adding unconfirmed or leaked information.

    • Forum on message wall, article comments, and forums.

    I've started working on the create article system again. I think I can get it done for real this time. I've created createarticle templates for all the major 'classes' of article.

    If anybody else has something important to add, feel free to mention in the comments and I'll add it…

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  • TheKnightOfOyashiro

    A new patch for Battlefield 4 was released today with numerous fixes and changes. Below is a changelog.

    • Added a new background and video background to celebrate the release of Naval Strike
    • Added a refresh button to all the Multiplayer pages (except for Play Now), including Favorites and History
    • 15 new ranks have been added to Platoons, so you can now reach rank 25 with your Platoon
    • Console RentaServer owners (once released for the respective platform) can now upload their server banner image on Battlelog
    • The Battle Reports dropdown in the header now shows the platform that the round was played on.
    • You can now see Gadgets on the Unlocks > Weapons page
    • You can now see if items are unlocked by Premium or Battlepacks on the Stats > Weapons and Unlocks …

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  • TheKnightOfOyashiro


    September 5, 2013 by TheKnightOfOyashiro

    In light of recent events, I'm resigning from the wiki.

    That is all.

    Don't talk to me about this place again.

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  • TheKnightOfOyashiro

    Although I'm a bit late on the ball for this, it would seem that DICE and EA are going to be releasing quite a bit of content over the course of the next month. The most well-known one as of late has been the CQ expansion set to launch about midway through next month.

    However, prior to this it would seem that DICE (or perhaps just EA) is going to be offering a bundle of content -- named Battlefield Premium. This will bundle in several "content drops with unique items", which apparently includes new cammies, a new knife (Dima's machete?), and a new dogtag, alongside known content such as the CQ expansion.

    There will also be a 5th Expansion pack, set for 2013.

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  • TheKnightOfOyashiro

    In the third edition of DICE's blog series Inside DICE, Niklas Fegraeus discusses his own past with the videogame industry, as well as the inspiration for HD Destruction.

    He makes note of the fact that without process-heavy assets such as vehicles, the DICE team can put much more CPU power towards destruction, which could change the aspect of battle during a match.

    Fegraeus also talks about the reasoning for replacing Rush with Conquest-Domination, and adapting the gametype for smaller spaces. (which includes using Team Deathmatch-style spawnpoints.)

    Additionally, the poll at the end of the article includes and option stating "Creating my own HD Destruction timelapse video", which could potentially reference Battlerecorder.

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