The Battlefield Wiki Clan (BFWC, BWC, or WIKI) is a group of gamers in the Battlefield Series who fight for the wiki. Members may use the userbox below.


BFWC Member of the Battlefield Wiki Clan!

Battlefield 4 Platoons

The BFWC Platoon is now active and recruiting! It can be joined regardless of gaming platform.

Battlefield 3 Platoons

In Battlelog, the Battlefield Wiki Clan operates platoons on PlayStation 3 and PC:


Any member can join, provided that they adhere to the rules shown below.

Console Groups

Rules of Membership

To become a member of the BWC is easy. All you need is:

  • A copy of any Battlefield game
  • An Online ID
  • Upon joining, members must set their clan tag as [BFWC] ([BWC] on Bad Company 2).
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