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Jaren000 - Jaren000 (Anything in Battlefield but long long long (like, 1000m+) range sniping and air vehicles. Except the transport chopper and gunship, I'll use those. Quite good with mobile AA if I do say so myself)

Dmsp91 - SpartanPro1 (Most likely prefer Ground vehicles)                                                                                       

MasterTengkorak - Angel of Anarchy (I mostly play BF3. I'm good with Assault and Engineer, pretty decent on Ground Vehicles, and terrible on Helicopters and Jets. If you want, you'll find my battlelog here)

Vidma7er - Vidma7er

McKilla1996 - RussianEngineer

NaS HUNT3R - LS11sVaultBoy

awyman123 - awyman13 (All types of games, typically FPSs)

green light ops - Green light ops (mainly FPS/TPS, RPGs on rare occasion; in BF3, I can use every class very well and I dominate in tanks and choppers, but you'll rarely catch me in a jet; my Battlelog is here)

Lowlandnutria92 --Xeno126 (talk) 21:45, December 29, 2013 (UTC) ( I am the best medic you will meet plus I am a vet.)

Blackestreaches - Blackestreaches (Mostly BF3, mainly Engineer. BF3 premium)

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