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"The MV-38's innovative design allows transition between vertical thrust and fixed-wing flight. Rumored to be born from an overnight gamble of necessity, the innovative thrust-vectoring Condor is now a fixure of US Military Operations."

— In-game description

The MV-38 Condor is an Air Transport featured in Battlefield 2042. The vehicle has a VTOL mode, which allows quick infil/exfils or strafing an objective.It's able to endure tons of punishment before suffering module failure. As with other transport vehicles, teammates may spawn into the Condor. It is the American counterpart of the Russian Mi-240 Super Hind.

Unlike other air transports in the series, the Condor can toggle between hover mode and airplane mode by pressing Crouch/Prone, tilting its engines to produce forward thrust, capable of two flight modes. Compared to Super Hind, Condor has an incredibly high speed in airplane mode, allows it chase and even hunt down jet fighters, or escape from missiles quickly, but at cost it has a bad ascent and descent speed. AI-controlled Condor will never switch to airplane mode, and switch into hover mode immediately if an AI take over a Condor that not at this mode.

The pilot can carry five passengers—a forward gunner armed with a 16-round 40mm grenade launcher or a 10-round 50mm cannon, two side gunners each armed with a minigun, and two passengers using their personal kits. These heavy weapons are very capable of strafing infantry at close range and can defend themselves against enemy helicopters or jets. It is not recommended to use the 50mm Cannon as this weapon is not excellent in neither anti-infantry nor anti-vehicle aspects, and has a long (approximately 5 seconds per round) reload time, also it's inpractical to count on random teammate being experienced enough. In contrast, the grenade launcher has a higher fault tolerance and can easily repel an infantry assault.

While all other aircraft in the battlefield series have no armor, the Condor (as well as the Super Hind) is an armored aircraft with a large amount of health. It can survive about 3 hits from a 120mm Cannon or a Recoilless M5, which kills all other aircraft in one hit. Though the vehicle is capable of sealing its fuselage, side doors will open for any fifth or sixth seat passengers.

In the Hazard Zone gamemode, the MV-38 Condor serves as the extraction vehicle for the competing squads. They are operated by a yet-to-be-revealed party with an interest in the data drives collected by the participants. At two points during the match, a Condor will arrive to pick up any squads attempting extraction from the zone. It remains to be seen what happens if a squad attempts to attack the vehicle directly.

Condors also appear at the start of Conquest matches, one for every two squads that aren't already spawning in other vehicles. These Condors are unarmed and invincible, cannot be board, and leave the battlefield soon afterward.