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V2 Vengeance is a gamemode featured in Battlefield Heroes, introduced alongside the release of the map Midnight Mayhem.


The objective of the gamemode is to capture one or two V2 rockets placed on the map. Similar to Conquest, Rockets are captured by standing in the capture area. Additionally, the more players of a team inside the capture area, the faster rate it will be captured. Each team has a separate countdown timer of either five minutes for one rocket or ten minutes for two rockets. Both timers will being to countdown at the start of the match and will result in a stalemate if no rockets are captured.

If one team holds both rockets, their timer will drop faster (x2).

  • 1 rocket means 5:00 - 5:00
  • 2 rockets means 10:00 - 10:00

Once a team has captured a rocket, the opposing teams timer will slow down or stop entirely depending on how many rockets a map has. Additionally, if two rockets are captured at once, the rate of the countdown for that teams timer will double. The team whose timer reaches zero first will win the match, marked by the launch of the V2 Rocket.


  • 1 Valor Point Small awarded to every player holding the flag for 60 tickets
  • 3 Valor Point Small at round end for winning team
  • 100 Experience Points awarded to team holding the flag each 30 tickets
  • 20 Experience Points awarded to players in cp radius when flag is captured




  • V2 Vengeance was available on Buccaneer Bay and Riverside Rush for a limited time due to a mistake in an update. Development of the gamemode on those maps was incomplete, however, and was soon removed shortly after.
  • The rocket viewable in each HotH map is based on the V-2 rocket.
  • The V2-Rockets may at times start spinning around in loops, instead of flying straight up as they are supposed to.