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"Unlike a standard grenade, which generates physically damaging fragmentation, the V5 EMP Grenade releases an electromagnetic wave that creates a short-circuit effect, temporarily slowing or disabling nearby vehicles and electronic devices."

— Prima Official Game Guide

In Battlefield 2142, the V5 EMP Grenade is an unlockable gadget for the Support Kit. When faced with heavy armor, a Support player equipped with these can shut down vehicles for a few seconds to allow Engineers to take out the vehicle or to move into cover safely while the vehicle is shut down. Should the support also use an ammo hub or supply crate, the player can potentially lock down the vehicle indefinitely, though the player too is kept occupied keeping the vehicle disabled.

The V5 can also be used to stun infantry. Like any other EMP weapon in the game, it causes enemies' helmet visors (or NetBats) to malfunction, making their vision blur frequently for almost 30 seconds. This effect can make aiming much more difficult and may often give the users team an advantage over a cluster of EMP'd enemies.

The EMP grenade can also be used to temporarily disable sentry guns.

The EMP grenade does not inflict any damage to either infantry or vehicles.