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The subject of this article, VB1, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.


A VBL in real life

The VBL (Véhicule Blindé Léger) is a light armored, all-terrain vehicle developed by Panhard in France. The vehicle is known to be amphibious, along with protection from small-arms fire, mines, shrapnel from artillery and possibly chemical WMDs.

Battlefield 2[]

The VBL was a cut vehicle which was intended to be included in Battlefield 2. Like the Harrier and Lynx it was a vehicle which was completely deleted, but referenced in the localization files. This vehicle was most likely planned to play the same role as the FAV and Desert Patrol Vehicle.

Although the localization files say KILLMESSAGE_VEHICLE_vb1 DELETED, it is actually a VBL (a VB1 being a type of motorcycle).

The vehicle HUD icon is called xpak2_vbl (reusing the BTR-90 icon as a possible placeholder), which reinforces the VBL theory. In addition, in a vehicle xpak2_vbl also exists, classified as a transport vehicle for ranking purposes.

Xpak2 vbl

A render of the VBL.

A 3D render of the VBL was ultimately discovered in the game files of Battlefield Online.