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For the emplaced heavy machine gun also featured in Battlefield V, see Vickers
Vickers K LMG IRL

A Vickers K MG on display

The Vickers K machine gun, also known as the Vickers Gas Operated was a rapid-firing machine gun that was predominately used during World War II. The weapon was developed and manufactured by Vickers-Armstrong to be used in aircraft to defend against the enemy. Some models were later adapted for ground use by special forces.

Battlefield VEdit

The VGO is featured in Battlefield V as the top gunner weapon on British tanks such as the Churchill Mk VII, Valentine Mk VIII and Staghound T17E1, in addition to the defensive armament on the Blenheim bomber. It is the equivalent of the German MG34.

The handheld, medium machine gun version of the weapon was made unlockable for the Support kit during the first week of Tides of War Chapter One - Overture.

A handheld machine gun variant of the VGO serves as an intermediate version of the MG34 and the MG42 with a 830 RPM,  With a basic 60 round magazine. 

The specializations that the VGO has access to increase its control and effectiveness. The left side of the tree has the Recoil Buffer, which reduces its vertical recoil; Flash Suppressor, removing muzzle flash allowing greater precision and increasing obscurity at a distance; and Light Bolt boosts the fire rate from 830 RPM to 981 RPM.

The right side of the tree improves reload speed by 15%, allowing one to go back into the fight quicker after each reload, especially with how fast one burns the ammo; Ported Barrel noticeably decreasing horizontal recoil; and Extended Magazine increasing the 60 round magazine to 100.

The last two specializations are Incendiary Ammo, which increases its damage versus air craft; and Chrome Lining, which increases the firing limit from 51 to 66 before overheating.