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Overview Heroes BFV

"A deadly fast firing weapon with two firing modes, just make sure to make effective use of their ranges."

— In-game Description

Max's Magnified MG is a machine gun available in Battlefield Heroes for the Royal Army. It was introduced on December 16, 2011 in the Christmas 2011 bundle. Unlike other machine guns, it also features a grenade launcher as an alternate fire attachment. Its counterpart for the National Army is Dylan's Destructive Duplex and is statistically identical.

A short range machine gun, it is capable of shooting a burst of 3 miniature grenades that are the size of small fireworks at an enemy by pressing the secondary fire button. These miniature grenades are capable of damaging tanks, planes and infantry with great effectiveness, and deal a lot of damage. This weapon, however, is handicapped with a lower ammo count for a light machine gun, sporting 100 rounds as a trade off for the secondary fire. It also deals significantly less damage than a normal short range MG, so if you want to have a chance at doing well with this instead of a normal short range MG, a decent level of Frenzy Fire (3+) is recommended. There is a recharge time of about 3 seconds before you can fire the grenades again. Shooting at vehicles or at walls with the grenade launcher will cause the explosives to stick.