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The HS Produkt VHS (Croatian: Višenamjenska Hrvatska Strojnica; English: multifunctional Croatian machine gun) is a Croatian bullpup assault rifle designed and manufactured by HS Produkt and first revealed in 2007 iKA exhibition. The weapon chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge.

Battlefield 2042[]

"The modern bullpup design allows for a powerful combination of high rate of fire, muzzle velocity and accuracy, but requires good discipline to make the most of it."

— In-game description

The VHX-D3 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in Dark Creations season. It is unlocked by reaching tier 19 in the Battle Pass. Afterwards, it is unlocked through assignments.

The VHX-D3 can be best compared to the AM40, as both rifles function as close range, aggressive answers to the myriad of close quarters submachine guns present in the game, with its own set of advantages over the competition. Namely, with its bullpup design, it possesses an above average hip fire spread with its brethren (AC-42, RM68, etc.) and less spread buildup, making it more competent in ranged engagements.

Further encouraging an aggressive style, the VHX-D3 possesses an extremely quick killing potential with a 4 shot kill within 9 meters. Pairing this with a fast 850 RPM makes the VHX-D3 a noteworthy opponent in close quarters. Beyond that, it retains its 5 hit kill range up until 39 meters. Beyond that, its damage range will rapidly decline making the user more susceptible to longer ranged weapons such as the SFAR-M GL, the M16A3 and the myriad of ranged marksman rifles and as such. Such fights should be outright avoided or reduced with the usage of Smoke Grenades and intricate map knowledge.

Attachment wise, it has the standard list of attachments that assault rifles may run, ranging from Muzzle Brakes, alternate ammunition types such as High-Power, Subsonic, and Extended Magazine, grips, Laser Sights, etc.

Overall, The VHX-D3 shares the same pedestal as the AM40 as premier close range assault rifles that rewards a competent player with unparalleled killing power through smart plays.

Damage Chart[]

Ammunition types 0-4m 5-9m 10-19m 20-29m 30-39m 40-49m 50-74m 75-99m >100m
Standard Issue 26 25 24 22 20 19 17 16 15
High-Power 28 25 25 24 22 20 19 18 17
Subsonic 26 25 24 22 20 18 17 16 15
Standard Issue / Extended 26 25 24 22 20 19 17 16 15



Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Factory Factory
Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Carbon Series Carbon Series
VHX-D3 Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Rising Waters Rising Waters
Dark Creations Premium Battle Pass tier 85
Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Tier 1 Tier 1
VHX-D3 Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Edge Detection Edge Detection
Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass Ultimate Pack - Season 6
Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Law and Ordnance Law and Ordnance
Turning Point Premium Battle Pass tier 92
Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Grim Trigger Grim Trigger
2,000 BFC (Hot Spot Bundle)
3,500 BFC (Ascension Company Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 VHX-D3 Mission Controlled Mission Controlled
750 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,750 BFC (Next Frontier Bundle)