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"The British built this AA platform by putting an 40mm automatic cannon on a Valentine tank hull. Later versions replaced the single cannon with twin and even triple 20mm guns."

— In-game description

The Valentine AA Mk I is a tank available in Battlefield V. It is the mobile anti-aircraft version of the Valentine Mk VIII medium tank, and is the Allies' counterpart to Germany's Flakpanzer IV, used by both the United Kingdom and USA in the European/North African theatre. It is unlocked at rank 13.

The Mk I AA has comparable health, armor protection and mobility as the standard Mk VIII but fitted with a turret equipped with a single Bofors 40mm autocannon by default. Compared to the Flakpanzer's default weaponry, the main gun has a slower rate of fire but with more damage per shot and a greater splash radius against both aircraft and soft targets. It is able to down most aircraft in as little as 12 shots, but its fire rate is governed by an overheat limit if fired constantly.

The Valentine AA's specialization tree grants either better survivability and regeneration against surface targets, or augments its performance against tracking and downing aircraft. The left path comprises Maintenance Drills, Field Repair and Track Skirts, ending with Case Rounds which effectively transforms the main gun into an automatic shotgun for use against infantry. The right path includes a directional Smoke Launcher, Radar Package and Airburst Smoke Shells, in addition to replacing the 40mm with a suite of three rapid fire Oerlikon 20mm guns which sacrifices damage and accuracy for more hit-potential. Mid tier upgrades offer general improvements and abilities, comprising Improved Transverse Rotation and the unique Parachute Flare ammunition for the main gun.



  • The Valentine AA Mk I tank in Battlefield V is a fictional design, with the Crusader AA's Mk.I turret mounted on top of a Valentine Mk VIII chassis.