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The Ford Econoline in reality.

The Ford Econoline is an American civilian van manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

In Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the Gun Van is unique to the map Full Frontal. It shows up in both the Conquest and Capture the Flag variants of the map. The vehicle performs similarly to other light armored vehicles of the game, but the vehicle itself is uniquely armed.

The Gun van totes two M134 Miniguns for two of its three passengers to wield; one mounted on top facing the front, and another mounted in the rear, facing backwards. These two weapons make the Gun Van a heavily armed albeit weakly armored vehicle, as it can still be destroyed by a single rocket or tank shell hit, as well as a 40mm grenade. The Gun Van's best defense is a driver that can keep the vehicle moving and snaking throughout the map to avoid fire while its gunners pick off anyone in their sights. This makes the vehicle a good sneak attack weapon on control points that are less defended, a hit-and-run vehicle, and a good getaway vehicle with the enemy team's flag.

Battlefield Hardline[]

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The Utility Van is a civilian vehicle in Battlefield Hardline. It can carry five players: one driver, one passenger in the front, one at the side door, and two in the back. Each door (excluding the front passenger door) opens when a passenger is in the respective position.

A yellow Van appears as one of the Marked Vehicles during Hotwire mode. Out of all of the Marked Vehicles, it can hold the most passengers, making it somewhat easier to defend, but it is the second largest vehicle apart from the Fuel Tanker, making it a rather large target.