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Variable Zoom is a feature on many high-powered scopes, allowing the shooter to adjust the magnification of the scope for specific distances.

Battlefield 4[]

"Adds another 14x magnification mode to any high powered scope. Useful if the user needs more or less magnification than default."

— In-game description

The Variable Zoom attachment is an accessory featured in Battlefield 4. It is exclusive to the high-powered sniper scopes, like the Rifle Scope and Hunter, and is the first unlock for all sniper rifles at ten kills. The attachment adds an addition 14x magnification level for the scope and can be toggled on or off with the Toggle Weapon Light button.

It is equipped by default on the M82A3 and AMR-2 long-range variants. On the AMR-2, the Variable Zoom uses 8x zoom rather than 14x. It is the sniper rifle's counterpart to the Magnifier (2X) available on other weapons. The PLD and SOFLAM have a similar function, with 1x and 3x magnification levels.

For the lower powered sniper scopes, (Rifle Scope, CL6X, and PKS-07), Variable Zoom serves the purpose of increasing the magnification of the scope to give the user even more range with the rifle. For the higher powered Hunter and Ballistic scopes, the Variable Zoom decreases the zoom amount, allowing the user to engage closer targets more easily or track a target and then zoom in to take the shot.


  • Variable Zoom is one of the few attachments in Battlefield 4 to have no modeled attachment for weapons, the others being the ammunition types for shotguns and the Heavy Barrel on certain weapons.